​Program for Salary Advancement

COC full-time and part-time faculty may receive salary advancement by accruing 12 units of course credit. The ITL offers credit courses and course-length workshops on teaching, approved by the District as eligible for salary advancement.  Use the following information and procedures as a guide to successful completion of the salary advancement process.  When in doubt, consult the Office of Instruction and/or Human Resources.

Full-Time Faculty
Based on Appendix E: Board Policy #319-Class Advancement on Salary of the COCFA collective bargaining agreement full-time faculty may obtain advancement on the salary schedule by pursuing additional coursework. Courses other than upper division and graduate units in one’s teaching field must be approved by the Chief Instructional Officer prior to enrollment. However, courses in the ITL program for salary advancement have received prior approval from the Office of Instruction.

Adjunct Faculty
Based on Appendix A: Adjunct Salary Schedule of the AFT collective bargaining agreement part-time faculty may obtain advancement on the salary schedule by pursuing additional coursework. According to the agreement placement on the Academic Associate Adjunct salary schedule (the highest hourly rate) can be based on, “the completion of twelve (12) units of teaching methodology and/or coursework in the area of assignment. Coursework completed in the Institute of Teaching and Learning for courses and/or course-length workshops Micro-Teaching, and EDU 088, and EDU101 shall count toward eligibility for placement on the Academic Associate Adjunct Salary Schedule if the class was taken after July 2006. The coursework must be pre-approved by the CIO. For courses taken between July1, 2006 and January 1, 2007 the CIO will review and approve.” These ITL workshops and courses can be paired with additional coursework to compile 12 units.

After you complete each course, you will receive a letter from the ITL certifying course completion.  If you are taking the course for Flex credit, you should retain a copy and submit the original to the Office or Professional Development.

Retain Letters of Certification
If you are accruing units for salary advancement, you should retain these letters as evidence of progress toward salary advancement.  Although some ITL courses will appear on your COC transcript, these certification letters will be the easiest and fastest way to apply for salary advancement once you have 12 units.

Accrue 12 units
Units can be accrued through the ITL and through other institutions. Some faculty choose to combine units in their discipline with education classes. Some faculty take online courses from other institutions. However, if courses other than ITL courses are to be used, you should get these courses pre-approved by the Office of Instruction.

Submit certificates and other relevant documents
When 12 units have been accrued, contact the Office of Instruction, which will explain the forms and procedures necessary for final approval.