Skilled Teacher Certificate Benefits

 As many of us know, these are both the best and worst of times for community college faculty. Expectations have never been higher; we are faced with new requirements from accreditors and legislators, while the level of preparation of many students entering our classrooms keeps falling lower. Furthermore, many of these students lack the so-called “soft skills” – study skills, motivation, work ethic – that they need to succeed in higher education and in the workplace.

Yet today there are also reasons to feel privileged to be a teacher engaged in higher education. More Americans than ever pursue a college education, and many start in a community college; anyone concerned with educational and economic equity in our society will recognize the importance of having skilled college faculty in our classrooms. Moreover, there is now a large body of empirical research about how to teach most effectively. While the task of educating every student willing to attend college is challenging, there are also many resources to help.

As we know, however, learning more about educational research and integrating this information into our teaching practice also takes time and effort. This certificate has been designed to give you access to all the resources you need to solve the learning problems of your students and to develop your teaching skills so that you can meet the challenges of teaching in a community college in the twenty–first century; it also rewards you with either Flex credit or 3 units of salary advancement.

Deanna Davis, Chair, Faculty Development Committee and Professor, English