Adjunct & Non-Credit Faculty FLEX Info

Adjunct and Non-credit faculty who attend College sponsored FLEX and approved department activities will earn their regular hourly rate for up to 5 hours and up to an additional 4 hours of FLEX at the non-instructional rate for each fall and spring semester


As an Adjunct or Non-Credit faculty, you are encouraged to attend any FLEX workshop or activity held at College of the Canyons. If you have a teaching assignment in the semester you attend a FLEX workshop, you will receive up to 9 hours pay per semester (fall and spring) for attending FLEX workshops. The first 5 hours will be paid at the regular hourly rate and the remaining 4 hours will be paid at the non-instructional rate (Currently calculated at 65% of their regular rate).  For FLEX credit purposes, the year is divided into two semesters: "spring" semester runs January 1st - June 30th, and the "fall" semester begins July 1st  and ends December 31st. If you complete training outside of COC and would like to see if this would qualify for FLEX, you can submit.