COC Adjunct & Non-Credit Faculty FLEX InfoAdjunct & Non-Credit Faculty FLEX Info

Adjunct Professional Development FAQ

  • Are adjunct faculty required to complete flex hours?
  • What Professional Development opportunities are offered?
  • When can I earn FLEX hours?
  • What else can I do to earn FLEX hours?
  • How do I become certified to teach online?
  • How can I develop my leadership skills?
  • Who can I contact if I need more information?  

Q. Are adjunct faculty required to complete flex hours?

A. No, but adjunct faculty are encouraged to attend flex workshops and are paid for up to 9 hours each semester (fall and spring) for attending flex workshops
  • The first five hours will be paid at the instructional rate.
  • The remaining four hours will be paid at the non-instructional rate.
  • Adjunct faculty must have a teaching assignment in the semester they attend a flex workshop in order to receive payment
  • Fall term for FLEX credit runs 7/1 -12/31
  • Spring term for FLEX credit runs 1/1 –6/30


Q. What Professional Development opportunities are offered?

A.  600+ workshops offered throughout the year at no cost to COC employees, including 10 FLEX days – 5 in August and 5 in January/February, and a wide variety of workshops offered in:
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Student Support
  • Leadership
  • Technology
  • Institutional Effectiveness


Q. When can I earn FLEX hours?

A. You may earn flex credit during any time that you are not scheduled to teach, hold office hours, or participating in other contractual duties. Double flex credit is given to fulltime and adjunct faculty who present on-campus flex workshops.


Q: What else can I do to earn FLEX hours?

A. You can do one of the following:

  • You can do an independent project (approved by the FLEX committee in advance)
  • Participate in an online training workshop
  •  Attend a conference or training given by a non-COC provider
  • Engage in individual computer or website software training
  • Participate in one of six mentor programs
  • Work on a collaborative project or engage in outreach
  • Some of these activities requires a flex application – all flex applications are available online at 


Q. How do I become certified to teach online?

A. If you are considering teaching online, there are three components you need to complete to earn the Online instructor certificate. Upon completion of all three components, you will be certified to teach online courses at College of the Canyons.

  1. Complete the online Introduction to Online Teaching & Learning course (36 hours)
  2. Complete Canvas Communication / Assessment & Organization/Content workshops  (4 hours)
  3. Complete Section 508 Information Technology Compliance workshop (1 hour)
Learn how to sign-up for each of these training components at the COC Online Instructor Certificate page.
Q. How can I develop my leadership skills?
A. Participate in LEAP!  Leadership Education in Action Program
  • LEAP is an opportunity presented to faculty, classified staff, and administrators who are interested in expanding their competencies, developing their leadership potential and preparing for future career options.
  • LEAP 1 is offered each spring; LEAP 2 is offered every third year
  • Six sessions are offered over the course of the spring semester and participants work in small groups on a solution team project.

    Q. Who can I contact if I need more information?

    • Leslie Carr, Director of Professional Development,, or at 661-362-3100
    • Sarah Dettman, Professional Development Office,, or at 661-362-5104
    • Office of Professional Development is located in the University Center, 3rd floor, room 386


    (Below excerpts from Santa Clarita Community College District Part-Time Faculty United American Federation of Teachers, Local 6262 Agreement July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2017, ARTICLE 19: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Full contact with additional information is available on the Intranet to District employees at


    A. Effective Fall, 2015 unit members who successfully complete a 54-hour professional development program (currently the Skilled Teacher Certificate) will remain at their earned step, and will be advanced to the Associate range on the salary schedule per Appendix A, effective the following summer session.

         1. The District is committed to reserving twenty (20) seats for Unit Members.


    B. Unit members who attend College sponsored FLEX and approved department activities, including the professional development program from Section A above, will earn their regular hourly rate for up to 5 hours and up to an additional 4 hours of FLEX at the non-instructional rate for each summer/fall and winter/spring period.

         1. Approved department activities include: department retreats, department retreat presentations, and departmental trainings that have been approved for FLEX credit.

         2. Unit members will be given reasonable advanced notice of department retreats. Every effort will be made to schedule such retreats at times convenient to encourage maximum attendance.

         3. Only training or professional development, as defined by the Faculty FLEX Committee, is eligible for FLEX credit. Departmental or District support activities such as, but not limited to maintaining department web pages, assisting with faculty scheduling, and class calendaring, are not considered FLEX eligible. Activities such as these must be approved in advance by the division dean and would be paid the applicable hourly non-instructional rate per Article 11.

         4. Unit members who have either a winter or spring assignment may attend FLEX activities from January 1st through June 30thS. Unit Members who have a summer or fall assignment may attend FLEX activities from July 1st through December 31st.

    C. The District will make every effort to inform unit members of the FLEX schedule in ample time to enroll. The District will also make an effort to offer some FLEX opportunities at a time convenient for part-time faculty attendance. FLEX is not mandatory; however, unit members are encouraged to attend.
    D. If the District directs a Unit member to attend a conference or meeting, all of his or her necessary and reasonable costs for fees, travel, board, and lodging shall be reimbursed by the District.