Spring 2014 FLEX Dates -- Monday - Friday, February 3 - 7


Fall 2014 FLEX Dates -- Friday, August 15 - Thursday, August 21


Spring 2015 FLEX Dates -- Monday - Friday, February 2 - 6


Fall 2015 FLEX Dates -- Friday, August 14 - Thursday, August 20


About the Professional Development Program…

How is success measured?
At College of the Canyons, success is measured using the twelve district-wide strategic goals of Teaching and Learning, Student Services, Cultural Diversity, Human Resources, Institutional Advancement, Institutional Effectiveness, Financial Stability, Technological Advancement, Physical Resources, Innovation, Campus Climate and Leadership. The Professional Development program aligns all offerings and activities with these established goals to ensure a meaningful and comprehensive program that is focused on achieving defined outcomes through the training of our most valuable resource, our employees.
College of the Canyons is committed to developing our employees to their fullest potential through the numerous training opportunities offered throughout the entire year as part of the Professional Development program. The importance of the Professional Development program and the District’s commitment is clearly defined in the College’s strategic plan, and is given full support by the Board of Trustees and Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook. All faculty and staff are encouraged to develop an annual personal professional development plan, and engage in training that will assist them in meeting their professional development goals.
FLEX at College of the Canyons
The Faculty Development Committee is comprised of representatives from each division and the Professional Development Director. The committee meets monthly and is responsible for developing the FLEX schedules and activities based on the provisions of the law. (Title 5, section 55730e).
Faculty Obligation
Based on the law (Title 5, section 55726b and 55728) each full time permanent faculty member is obligated to complete 41 hours of FLEX activities per academic year. FLEX activities must not overlap with any accountable hours during the regular academic term or special assignments for which the faculty members are regularly compensated. Faculty members can
meet their FLEX obligation by attending or participating in scheduled and/or unscheduled activities. Independent Projects can account for a maximum of 50% (20.5 hours) of the FLEX
Registration for FLEX and all other Professional Development workshops is done through the Lumens online registration system at www.canyons.communityext.net .
Frequently Asked Questions
What are FLEX days?
FLEX credit is the State’s way of ensuring that faculty are engaging in professional development activities equivalent to the amount of time they would be spending in class without a FLEX program. One hour of time spent on professional development equals one hour of FLEX credit. As allowed by Title V, FLEX days are set aside in the academic calendar for faculty to participate in professional development activities related to staff, student, and instructional improvement. At COC, full time faculty have an obligation of 41 FLEX hours per year. FLEX time is in lieu of instructional time. All faculty members are paid the 41 hours in advance assuming you will complete your obligation.  Any hours that are not completed by the June 30th deadline will be docked from your October paycheck. Please note that docked hours are deducted from your annual STRS service credit.
What kind of activities are considered professional development activities?
The term professional development includes activities that increase knowledge in the discipline or which directly enhance teaching skills, but also activities that improve working relationships with students and staff in and out of the classroom as well as activities that enhance an individual’s physical and mental ability to perform his/her job. The Faculty Development Committee uses the following guidelines to evaluate activities for flex credit:
·       The primary goal of the activity must be professional growth and achievement of the mission of the college, its vision, and the mission of professional development in staff improvement, student improvement, or instructional improvement.
·       Accomplishment of the activity must be of sufficient benefit to justify the time spent.
·       The activity must be designed to foster an analytical or reflective approach to professional development.
·       You must not be compensated in any other way for this activity.
·       The majority of the event must not be recreational or social.
·       The activity must fall outside expected departmental and other contractual faculty duties.
How much FLEX credit do I earn if I facilitate a workshop?
Workshop facilitators for FLEX activities earn double FLEX credit. For example, if you facilitate a three hour workshop, you will receive six hours of FLEX credit.
If we didn’t have FLEX days, would we have more vacation days?
No. We would have additional service days.
When can I earn my FLEX credit?
You may earn FLEX credit during any time you are not scheduled to teach, hold office hours, or when you are participating in other contractual duties.
How do I receive FLEX credit?
Be sure to pre-register using the Lumens online registration system for workshops you plan to attend.  You can access the Lumens system at www.canyons.communityext.net .  Then, sign the sign-in sheet at each workshop you attend.
There are many opportunities to earn FLEX credit throughout the year.  The following list of activities describes the variety of options you have.

Attend FLEX workshops On campus during fall and spring FLEX weeks and throughout the year. To view workshops that are taking place this month, go online to www.canyons.communityext.net and look under Classes: Professional Development for COC Employees Only:Professional Development Workshops.  (Sort the list "by date" to view the workshops in chronological order.)

 Do an Independent FLEX Project (#40F)
FLEX credit - up to 20.5 hours per year
An independent project proposal form must be submitted to the Professional Development office and approved prior to beginning the project, and by the submission deadline of the first Monday after spring break.
To receive FLEX credit, a final project must be submitted by June 30, 2014. Proposal forms are available on the Professional Development website, located at: http://www.canyons.edu/offices/pd/Forms/AppCreditFlex.asp  


Enroll in the Understanding the Needs of Older Adults Online Course
FLEX credit – 20.5 hours for Part 1 (#41F) and 20.5 hours for Part 2 (#42F)
Instructor: Anne Marenco
This two-part 100% online course is designed to be a self-paced class for those interested in teaching classes in the College of the Canyons Older Adult Community Education Program.  The time commitment for each part is 20 hours. The course focuses on the biological, psychological, and sociological challenges of aging. 

Attend the Online Library Resources Workshops (#43F)
Ongoing – Watch for email announcements from Librarian Ron Karlin for dates and times.
FLEX credit - 1.5 hours

Conduct Adjunct Evaluations (#44F)
3 hours each/6 hours max per year


Attend Conferences Outside of Scheduled Work Hours (#45F)
FLEX credit - 20.5 hours max per year. Please complete a FLEX Application Form at least 5 days prior to attending the conference.  The form is located at http://www.canyons.edu/offices/pd/Forms/AppCreditFlex.asp
 Sign up for Individual Computer Tutoring (#46F)
FLEX credit - 3 hours max per year
Scheduled tutoring sessions in your own work area, on your own computer are available. To schedule an appointment, please send an email to Leslie Carr at leslie.carr@canyons.edu .  Please be sure to indicate the program or software in which you would like to receive tutoring.

Sign up for Individual Web Page Tutoring (#47F)
FLEX credit – 2 hours max per year
Michael Gunther from Computer Support Services will be available by appointment for tutoring sessions throughout the year. He is available to assist individuals on specific topics related to web page development. When requesting a tutoring session, please indicate your desired topic. To make an appointment, please send an email to Leslie Carr at
leslie.carr@canyons.edu .
Prerequisite: Individuals must have completed a one-hour SharePoint workshop prior to meeting with Mr. Gunther.
Engage in Individual SLO Training (#49F)
FLEX credit - 3 hours max per year
 Members of the SLO committee are available to meet with you by appointment in order to meet your individual training needs regarding Student Learning Outcomes and Student Learning Outcomes assessment. To set up an appointment, please contact Nicole Faudree at
nicole.faudree@canyons.edu and include the topic you would like to learn more about as well as your availability. Learning outcomes will vary by session. To receive FLEX credit, please register for the training in Lumens and then report your training time via email to Leslie Carr at leslie.carr@canyons.edu.

Participate in the FLEX Exchange Program (#50F)
FLEX credit - 12 hours max per year
Full time faculty may choose to participate in the FLEX activities of regional community colleges (Antelope Valley, Moorpark, Ventura, Los Angeles Mission, etc.) for FLEX credit at COC. Please obtain an attendance verification form from the Professional Development office prior to attending.
Become a Mentor in the New Faculty Mentor Program (#51F)   
FLEX credit - 8 hours sem/16 hours max per year
Newly hired fulltime faculty can have the benefit of having a “friend in the business” at COC. Mentors can help newcomers work on professional projects, develop curriculum or they can be simply a source of guidance and information, all in a non-evaluative manner.
To sign up to be a mentor, please contact Edel Alonso at edel.alonso@canyons.edu .
Become a Mentor in the Professional Development Mentor Program (#55F)
FLEX credit - 8 hours sem/16 hours max per year
The Office of Professional Development has designed a mentor program for those faculty and staff who aspire to a management or leadership position. It is also for those experienced managers who want to take the next step and move into a higher-level administrative position.

The purpose of the Professional Development Mentor Program is to provide opportunities for employees who have a desire to develop and enhance their career development opportunities, to be paired with a mentor who will guide, advise and motivate them to continue to improve their skills and knowledge and grow with the College into a management or leadership position.

The Professional Development Mentor Program is open to all full-time and adjunct faculty, classified and confidential staff and administrators.  Applications are accepted prior to the start of each semester.  Please contact Leslie Carr at
leslie.carr@canyons.edu for the application and additional information.
Become a Mentor in the Mentor Program for New Online Faculty (#52F)
FLEX credit - 8 hours sem/16 hours max per year
The Mentor Program for New Online Faculty is designed to provide additional support to instructors during the first semester or two of online teaching. The program will pair new online instructors with instructors who are experienced with online teaching in order to provide feedback on course design and offer ongoing encouragement and advice. Mentors will earn 8 hours of FLEX credit per semester, with a maximum of 16 hours per academic year. New online instructors can request a mentor by contacting James Glapa-Grossklag at james.glapa-grossklag@canyons.edu.  If you are an experienced online instructor and would like to become a mentor, please contact James Glapa-Grossklag at
Become a Mentor in the Mentor Program for Noncredit Faculty (#53F)
FLEX credit - 6 hours sem/12 hours max per year
The Mentor Program for Noncredit Faculty is designed to provide additional support to noncredit instructors who are interested in improving their teaching skills. The program will pair noncredit instructors with others who are experienced teachers in order to provide feedback on course design as well as ongoing encouragement and advice. Some participants may desire feedback and advice regarding general teaching strategies, while other participants may be interested in issues specific to noncredit teaching, such as managing multi-level classes, open entry/open exit classes, and off-campus teaching. The primary purposes of this program are to encourage reflection and discussion of noncredit pedagogy and to provide moral support for noncredit instructors.
Qualifications for Mentors
-Fulltime faculty members who have expertise in active learning, assessment techniques or working with nontraditional student populations
--Completion of the one-hour Noncredit Faculty Mentor Training session

Please contact Jose Martin via email at jose.martin@canyons.edu for additional information.  
Become a Mentor in the Mentor Program for Re-Entry Students (#54)
FLEX credit - 8 hours sem/16 hours max per year
The semester-long Re-entry Mentor Program is designed to provide reentry students with an opportunity to build working relationships with faculty, staff, and administrators at College of the Canyons. Faculty mentors working in this program would be entitled to FLEX credit equivalent for the total number of hours spent in a mentor orientation session, directly with the mentee, and at the mentor award ceremony at the conclusion of the semester. A maximum of 8 FLEX hours will be given for participation in this mentoring opportunity.  For more information on this program please contact Debbie Rio via email at
Complete one of the following one hour online courses:
Kognito “At Risk” Online Training – Stressed Students (#57F  ) 
FLEX credit – 1 hour
To access this online training:
1.    Go to: http://www.kognito.com/ccc
2.    Create an account (or sign in using your previously created email address & password
3.    Select at-risk for Faculty & Staff
4.    Click “Launch”
Please email a copy of your certificate of completion to chloe.mcginley@canyons.edu
Kognito “At Risk” Online Training – Veterans on Campus (#58F)
FLEX credit – 1 hour
 To access this online training:
1.    Go to: http://www.kognito.com/ccc
2.    Create an account (or sign in using your previously created email address & password
3.    Select Veterans on Campus for faculty & staff
4.    Click “Launch”
Please email a copy of your certificate of completion to chloe.mcginley@canyons.edu
Kognito Online Training – LGBTQ on Campus for Faculty & Staff  (#256F)   
FLEX credit – 1 hour
To access this online training:
1.    Go to: http://www.kognito.com/ccc
2.    Create an account (or sign in using your previously created email address & password
3.    Select LGBTQ faculty
4.    Click “Launch”
Please email a copy of your certificate of completion to chloe.mcginley@canyons.edu

IRB Training (Institutional Review Board Training) (#56F)

FLEX credit – 6 hours basic/3 hours refresher

Non-COC Provider Training (#60F)

FLEX credit – 20.5 hours max per year