Leadership Education in Action Program
What is LEAP?
LEAP was created to foster the development of visionary, innovative, and creative leaders. Designed to promote the development of "agents of institutional change" LEAP provides "big picture: perspectives and the knowledge which empowers people to lead and shape our district and the community college system.
LEAP provides individuals who want to be leaders the opportunity to assess their current leadership skills, use a variety of tools to create a professional development plan to reach their goals, and engage in opportunities to build the confidence necessary to make the leap to their future.


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Welcome and Program Overview - Dr. Van Hook.pptxWelcome and Program Overview - Dr. Van Hook.pptx

The Nuts and Bolts of the CA Community College System - Diane Stewart.pptxThe Nuts and Bolts of the CA Community College System - Diane Stewart.pptx

Suggestions for Successful College Administration.pptx


LEAP 2015 Session Agendas:

LEAP 2015 Solution Team Business Plans:

  1. Latino Outreach.pdfLatino Outreach.pdf
  2. FIT - Future Instructors in Training.pdfFIT - Future Instructors in Training.pdf
  3. LEAP OER business plan 2015.pdfOER Degree Pathway.pdf
  4. COC-Entrepreneurship Center business plan.pdfEntrepreneurship Center.pdf
  5. LEAP- Summer Bridge Program.pdfLEAP- Summer Bridge Program.pdf
  6. COC Innovation Showcase Business Plan Master Final 05 21 2015.pdfCOC Innovation Showcase.pdf

LEAP2 2014:

LEAP Business Plans:
2013 Business Plans
When Art & Science Tango
Student Success Task Force
Rising Path
The Lifelong Learners
ARC Unlimited
APL: Assessment for Prior Learning
2012 Business Plans
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Cougar Network
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Cougar Dome
Team Mobile
2010 Business Plans
BEST Project Plan Community Outreach Roadshow
The Call Center Global Collaborative Academy
Careers on the Go Student Art Collection
In Tune With Your Business Needs Cougar Wellness Center
2009 Business Plans
LEAP Solution Team Project Summaries - 2009 Solution Team Project Updates - Oct 2009
Re-Enrtry Program Idea Incubator
Project Based Learning LEAP Gardens
Behavioral Intervention Team Creating a Student Learning Community
LEAP Solution Team Project Updates - Feb 2010  
2008 Business Plans
Student Success Points GO Program
Learning Communities My Canyons
Synergy We Connect
Enrollment Management LEAP Solution Team Project Summaries
Other Videos
A Vision of Students Today 212°, the extra degree
Advocacy Tips Bryce Harris Presentation
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