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2015-16 Budget Development Presentation.pdf



Halloween Party 2014 Photo slideshow (33 MB) 10/31/14
Relationship Matter (25 MB) 1/31/13
Partnership Checklist (170 KB) 1/31/13
Building Relationships (1 MB) 1/31/13
How Well Do You Know Your Colleagues Icebreaker 1/31/13
Developing Your Network 1/31/13
The Definition of Attitude - Jeff Keller 1/31/13
Characteristics 1/31/13
A Positive Attitude Goes A Long Way 1/31/13
Relationship Management Skills Set 1/31/13
Putting It All Together Chart 1/31/13
Networking for Survival 1/31/13
Start Networking Right Away 1/31/13
50 Questions to Get to Know Someone 1/31/13
Tips for Writing Effective SMS Text Messages 1/31/13
100 Questions to Ask Anyone



The Many Roles of a CEO.pptThe Many Roles of a CEO.ppt                                                         Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook - LEAP Spring 2015

Suggestions for Successful College Administration.pptxSuggestions for Successful College Administration.pptx                       Dr. Jack Alan Scott - LEAP Spril 2015       

Thoughts on Advocacy.pdfThoughts on Advocacy.pdf                                                            Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook - LEAP Spring 2015

How to Make the Perfect Sales Pitch.pdfHow to Make the Perfect Sales Pitch.pdf                                          LEAP Spring 2015

Halloween 2015 Slide Show.pdfHalloween 2015 Slide Show.pdf

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