News Release

November 7, 2001

Santa Clarita Valley Voters Approve Measure C Bond Initiative

Santa Clarita Valley voters approved Measure C by a 67.65 percent majority Nov. 6, paving the way for $82.1 million in much-needed new facilities, facility improvements and renovations, and new educational and training programs.

With all 70 precincts within the Santa Clarita Community College District reporting, Measure C gained 15,047 favorable votes and 7,194 unfavorable votes, the latter representing 32.34 percent of those voting. In all, 22,241 voters went to the polls on Election Day.

Passage of Measure C was governed by the new rules of Proposition 39, which require a 55-percent-plus-one-vote majority for passage. The previous rules required a higher majority threshold of 66 percent plus one vote. Final vote tallies reveal Measure C would have passed under either set of rules.

Election results indicate that a majority of voters agreed that College of the Canyons needs to be able to raise funds to offset erratic, unpredictable and often untimely state construction funding. The college district will now be able to issue bonds to pay for new or expanded buildings, educational and training programs, and infrastructure upgrades to meet the community’s expectations and the challenges of the future in a timely manner.

The existing college campus, as envisioned by the original master plan of more than 30 years ago, was designed for a maximum of 5,000 students. The college surpassed that mark years ago and had a student enrollment of nearly 11,500 in the spring 2001 semester and nearly 13,000 in the fall of 2001. Projections indicate 20,000 students will attend by the year 2010.

The tentative Facilities Master Plan, which is based on needs outlined in the recently completed Educational Master Plan, details the district’s needs through 2010 and beyond. The plan calls for the build-out of the College of the Canyons campus and identifies the need to develop an additional educational facility, most likely in Canyon Country. The college opened a five-classroom educational center in the new Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library building for fall 2001 classes. The so-called ACCESS site is designed to meet educational needs in Canyon Country until a more permanent facility can be developed.​