These outdated news releases and advisories are stored here for archival purposes. 


November 29, 2006

New Works Festival to Hold Auditions

The fifth annual College of the Canyons New Works Festival is holding auditions to cast roles for the performances held on March 22 through 25 in the Black Box Theatre.

Students who are cast in the show will be required to enroll in a theatre production class to work with the playwrights during the Winter Session. In the spring, an additional production class will focus on the performances.

Auditions will be held at noon on Saturday, December 2 in room S-130, or by appointment. Students should be prepared to read from the script and tell a story. For more information about the auditions or the New Works Festival, please contact the COC Theatre Department at (661) 362-5070.

November 15, 2006

Student Newspaper Staff Win 22 Journalism Awards

College of the Canyons student journalists garnered 22 awards at a journalism conference on Nov. 3 and 4, where more than 30 Southern California community colleges were represented.

The 12 COC delegates at the conference were writers, editors and photographers for the college’s newspaper “The Canyon Call.”

The Journalism Association of Community Colleges conference awarded Lisette Wagner with the first place news photo and an honorable mention for sports photo.

“Since it was my first time, I was really nervous,” admitted Wagner. “I was shocked when I won.”

Jesse Knight won first place for his news story about Louis Amestoy, assistant managing editor for interactive media at “The Sun” in San Bernardino and the “Inland Valley Daily Bulletin” in Ontario.

“I’m very pleased with the results,” said Jim Ruebsamen, journalism department chair and lead adviser for the “Canyon Call,” “especially when I see the students won in so many different categories-writing, photography, art and design. I was particularly happy to see us win first place in both news writing and news photography.”

Additional awards included:

●  Second place: Brian Jeppeson, page design
●  Third place: Mark Yanni, page design
●  Honorable mention: Brian Jeppeson, broadcast news writing; Brad Wilcox, feature story; Matt Ehresman, sports story

​Mail-in competition:

●  First place: Tony Pettit, line illustration
●  Second place: Brandon Jennings, photo story; Rory Aronsky, news feature
●  Third place: Elina Faskhutdinova, photo story; Craig Leener, column writing
●  ​Honorable mention: “Canyon Call” staff, front page layout (tabloid); Elina Faskhutdinova, inside page layout; Tony Pettit, line illustration; Karen Brady, feature photo; Ryan Cleveland, news photo; Elina Faskhutdinova, photo story; Craig Leener, column writing; Austen Montero, news feature; Melinda Spencer, opinion.

November 14, 2006

‘Nickel and Dimed’ to be Presented in Black Box Theater

Imagine a world where people must work two or three jobs — just to survive. As Barbara Ehrenreich discovered as an undercover journalist and later revealed in her bestselling book “Nickel and Dimed, On (Not) Getting By in America,” the nickels and dimes of a minimum wage make a decent lifestyle in America hardly attainable, despite how many tables are waited on and how many beds are made.

“Nickel and Dimed” was written and adapted for the stage by the politically minded playwright Joan Holden. When asked by the Philadelphia Arts Writers, Holden explained that her main reason for adapting “Nickel and Dimed” for the stage was because “she looks to the real-life characters themselves, the ‘real anonymous donors. We owe these people.’”

The College of the Canyons Theatre Department will present “Nickel and Dimed” at the Black Box Theatre at 8 pm on Nov. 15, 7 pm on Nov. 16, 8 pm on Nov. 17, 8 pm on Nov. 18 and 2 pm on Nov. 19. Immediately following the show, there will a 15 to 20 minute discussion of the themes addressed in the play, led by COC faculty members.

November 8, 2006

College Participates in ‘Smokeout,’ Body-Image Seminar

Nothing is harder than breaking a habit and changing the way we see ourselves. But on November 16, the College of the Canyons’ Student Health and Wellness Center along with the Student Nutrition and Wellness Advocates at COC (SNAC), will host two events that will prove the veracity of the old adage “change is good.” The college will participate in the nationwide Great American Smokeout and host the educational seminar “Has Your Body Image Got Your Attention?” at the COC Performing Arts Center.

The annual Great American Smokeout is a nationwide campaign for a smoke-free day. “The Surgeon General has stated that quitting smoking is the single best thing a person can do for their health,” explains Thomas Chen, a Berkeley graduate and intern of the Student Health and Wellness Center Tobacco Cessation Program.

In order to promote tobacco awareness leading up to the event, health information and tobacco cessation resources will distributed Tuesday, Nov. 14 and Thursday, Nov. 16. Pledges will be taken from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to be tobacco-free. Quit kits and helpful tips will be provided for smokers who take the pledge. Non-smokers are welcome too.

“Smoking and environmental tobacco smoke affects everyone, not just the smoker,” said Chen. “Similarly, tobacco cessation requires the participation of the community, to encourage friends and family to quit as well as to personally commit to be tobacco free.”

Chen hopes to offer peer group counseling sessions next semester that would help smokers develop a more personalized plan for quitting.

“While quitting is hard, the benefits are overwhelming,” says Chen, “quitting smoking not only prevents premature death, but can save college students thousands of dollars each year, in cigarettes and medical costs, and gives them the chance to live healthy, active lives.”

Later that same day, from 3 to 4:30 pm at the Performing Arts Center, the COC Student Health and Wellness Center along with SNAC will host the seminar, “Has your body image got your attention?”

“Negative body image has become so widespread in our culture,” explains Sheri Barke, nutrition and wellness coordinator, “that male and female body preoccupation is turning our inner worlds upside down, while it profits major industries in advertising, dieting and body sculpting services.”

Francie White, a registered dietitian and national speaker on the psychological impact of the dieting culture and advertising industry on body image and health practices, will present the seminar. Led through a series of slides, music and reflective questions, attendees will learn how negative body image can be converted into something positive and empowering.

November 6, 2006

Second Study-Abroad Trip Bound for Ecuador

Last January, 17 College of the Canyons students packed their bags and traveled to Quito, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands to study biology and Spanish for nine days. This year only 18 students will have the chance to participate in this once-in-a lifetime opportunity, from Jan. 11 to 21, 2007.

“Quito definitely possesses an indescribable aura of peace,” said Claudia Acosta, foreign languages chair at College of the Canyons who, along with biology professor Miriam Golbert, will accompany students on the trip.

“Students will visit the Andean region,” said Acosta, “where at 9,000 feet above sea level, the beautiful landscape continues to echo the Incan empire and its vision of the world.”

Other stops along the way include the Convento of San Francisco (the biggest convent in the Americas), the Half of the World Center (equatorian line), Pre-Columbian Museum, Catholic University and the Quito historic center.

Students will also visit the Galapagos Islands of Santa Cruz, Bartolome, Plaza and Seymour, and the Charles Darwin Research Center.

“The Galapagos Islands are a unique place worth visiting in one’s lifetime. With species that are only found in this area, it is no wonder why it is considered one of the travel wonders of the world,” said Golbert.