2009 News Release Archive
These are outdated news releases and advisories that are posted here for archival purposes.
readgray195aDecember 22, 2009
Former Head Basketball Coach Smelser Honored with Retirement Ceremony
readgray195a1December 16, 2009
Small Business Development Center Named 'Overall Highest Performer'
readgray195a8December 15, 2009
College's Valencia Campus to Hold Emergency Drill
readgray195a2December 14, 2009
SCV Youth Orchestra Foundation Introduces New President
readgray195a3December 8, 2009
Students to Present Sustainable Design Projects
readgray195a5December 7, 2009
Advisory: Nursing Program Students to Receive Graduation Pins
readgray195a4December 4, 2009
Big Opportunities for Nanotechnology Students During Winter Session
readgray195a6December 3, 2009
College to Introduce Medical Laboratory Technology Program
readgray195a7December 2, 2009
Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair to be Held at College