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October 28, 2011

Music Department to Celebrate ‘The Music of Dirk Fischer’

The music department will present a celebration of legendary COC music professor Dirk Fischer’s illustrious musical career, during the department’s annual fall concert, Friday, Nov. 4.

Primarily celebrating the various musical arrangements, songs and projects that Fischer has produced or contributed to since his retirement in 2005, the concert will feature performances by the two COC Jazz Combo bands, as well as the COC Studio Jazz Ensemble, which will perform under the direction of COC music director KC Manji.

“Even since his retirement Dirk has continued arranging music for the college’s music department and other local jazz bands,” said Manji, who succeeded Fischer as the college’s musical director. “He possesses a wealth of jazz history and knowledge from his many years having not just studied this musical form, but from having lived it.”

Fischer — who began his teaching career at COC in 1977 as the college’s first instructor of jazz studies and director of the college’s jazz band — arrived at the college during a time when most academic institutions had yet to fully incorporate jazz studies programs into their curriculum.

During his 28 years at COC Fischer helped build the college’s music department, and worked to establish several of the college’s most endeared and longstanding musical traditions, including the annual RK Downs Jazz Festival held each spring in honor of former COC music instructor RK Downs.

Last spring, Fischer debuted his arrangement of the operetta “The Three Piggy Opera,” which was staged at COC and included a mixture of children, student and professional musicians performing a selection of classical music themes arranged in non-traditional jazz styles.

Throughout his career Fischer has also worked extensively with other professional orchestras and student musical groups, eventually seeing his compositions and arrangements performed by jazz ensembles in high schools, colleges and professional bands and orchestras throughout the United States, the Netherlands, Nova Scotia and Japan.

“His work supplying music for various high school, college and professional jazz bands and ensembles, publishing new jazz tunes and donating many of his pieces to the COC jazz library continues to this day,” Manji said.

The concert event “The Music of Dirk Fischer” will take place at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Nov. 4, on the main stage of the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center (PAC) at College of the Canyons.

General admission tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for COC students and senior citizens.

October 27, 2011

Walk-Through Flu Shot Event Planned for Nov. 4 at Valencia Campus

The L.A. County Department of Public Health, College of the Canyons and the L.A. County Sheriff’s department will be conducting a community flu immunization Point of Dispensing (POD) on Friday Nov. 4, 2011. This is the sixth consecutive year that such an event will be held, and once again the walk-in model will be used.

The flu-immunization POD will be conducted in the East Physical Education building on the College of the Canyons Valencia campus, located off Rockwell Canyon Road. Parking will be in adjacent lots and vaccine will be dispensed from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., or as long as the vaccine lasts. 

Inoculations against the seasonal flu at the POD are provided free of charge and will be dispensed at this event in anticipation of an active flu season. Anyone seeking flu immunization at the POD are reminded to leave their pets at home (with the exception of guide dogs) since they are not allowed on the College of the Canyons campus and their presence in a location where immunizations are being administered is inappropriate.

While the drive-thru concept proved to be very successful in past years, the main reason the vaccine is administered is to test the Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) response during a bioterrorism attack and help prepare for our community’s response to a potential pandemic. The purpose of the CRI plan is to treat an impacted, mass population with medications within a short time period. Under the plan, communities are challenged to develop a variety of models through which vaccines can be distributed to mass populations. These “points of dispensing” can take many forms. 

“The Flu POD not only provides a viable way for people to safeguard themselves against the flu season,” said Santa Clarita Mayor, Marsha Mclean “but it also gives the community an important opportunity to practice preparedness on many levels."

Organizers of the local POD, which occurs each year at College of the Canyons, are confident in their ability to handle the drive-thru model and, this year, have again decided to go with a “walk-through” model in order to perfect that system. In the case of an actual need to inoculate an entire community, it is likely that both models would be activated in order to inoculate as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

The POD is designed to operate under a command structure required by the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS), which have been established to provide effective management of multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional emergencies in California. Police, fire and other first responder agencies use SEMS/NIMS procedures regularly because the system improves coordination and communications and reduces resource duplication during complex responses. The theory is that with more agencies and volunteers learning the specifics of SEMS/NIMS, the more efficient all complex response activities will become. 

Each year, additional volunteers are brought into the organizational structure of the POD to learn the responsibilities of various key positions. As a result, more people are trained each year to assume the various responsibilities within the emergency structure. The hope is to develop a pool of people within the community who can step in and run multiple PODs if a future situation were to warrant that. More than 150 volunteers from the participating agencies help coordinate the event each year.

The college’s Valencia campus is conveniently located near freeways and major arteries so that, in a real world bioterrorism event, large numbers of people could be inoculated very efficiently.  

College of the Canyons nursing students will administer most of the immunizations and students from the EMT program are an important part of the screening process prior to vaccine being administered. Both groups gain valuable, real world experience from the POD. 

In addition, nurses from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, the college and volunteer nurses are on hand to lend their knowledge and expertise to the POD. Numerous City of Santa Clarita staff, the City’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers as well as City of Santa Clarita’s Emergency Communication Team volunteers will also participate.

In the event of a large outbreak of disease or a regional terrorist attack, many sites similar to this one in Santa Clarita would be needed to serve the needs of California communities.

According to public health officials, over the last five years the Santa Clarita flu PODs have ranked among the best in all of California. 

The number of flu immunizations administered each year depends on the availability of seasonal flu vaccine.

October 26, 2011

Parsons Foundation Awards $100,000 to K-12 Arts Education Outreach Program

The Performing Arts Center (PAC) at College of the Canyons is proud to announce that its K-12 Arts Education Outreach Program (K-12 ArtsEd) has been awarded a $100,000 multi-year grant from The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation. 

The grant, to be distributed over the next two years, will assist in the PAC’s efforts to design sustainable arts education curriculum for all grade levels through partnerships with the five local school districts, various government and business organizations, as well as local, regional and national arts organizations. 

The K-12 ArtsEd program has seen steady growth over the last three years and this grant will help ensure that local students will have continued access to unique arts programming and special events, such as next spring’s Rock the Rhythm: Beat the Odds drum circle, taking place inside Cougar Stadium.

“We are very grateful to The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation for its support,” said Adam Philipson, PAC managing director. “This grant will enable us to continue to build on our proven model. It is a testament to the wonderful work of all of our consortium partners that we were able to receive this gift.”

As part of the K-12 ArtsEd bus-in program, nearly 6,000 local students will visit the PAC to see a main stage production. The recent Parsons Foundation grant will not only help to defer many of the transportation costs associated with such programs, but will also help increase the amount of shows offered in future years. 

About The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation strives to support and facilitate the work of the region's best nonprofit organizations, recognizing that many of those in need today will go on to shape the future of Southern California, to define it, redefine it, and help it set and achieve new goals.

PAC K-12 Arts Education Outreach Program
The K-12 ArtsEd program continues to provide incredible opportunities for the youth of the Santa Clarita Valley through valuable partnerships with major arts organizations in California and across the nation. The program uses the college’s vast cultural and community resources to provide Santa Clarita’s student population with access to top-tier, visual and performing arts activities and learning opportunities. The K-12 Arts Ed program has at its core a collaborative approach, partnering with teachers and administrators in school districts and community-based organizations throughout the area to develop an enhanced arts education curriculum and a variety of unique educational opportunities for all students. 

October 25, 2011

Theatre Department to Host ‘Equus’ Auditions

The theatre department will host an open audition date for three pivotal roles featured in the department’s spring 2012 production of Peter Schaffer’s Tony Award-winning play “Equus.”

Chronicling the disturbing journey of a young man who seems to have a passion for horses, but whom is harboring darker desires, “Equus” originally opened at the National Theatre in 1973 to worldwide acclaim. 

During the 2008-09 Broadway season the production enjoyed a successful revival starring “Harry Potter” stars Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths in the lead roles of Alan Strang and Dr. Martin Dysart, and “True Blood” actress Anna Camp as female lead Jill Mason.

“‘Equus’ is a powerful, important play as relevant today as it was when it was written in the early 1970s,” said Paul Wickline, COC theatre department chair. “We are beginning the casting process now in hopes of finding actors to play these three pivotal roles before hosting full auditions in February.”

Auditions will be held by appointment from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5, in the college dance studio, located in Pico Hall, Room 101 on the Valencia campus.

About the Characters

All roles in this production will require a British dialect, however, actors do not need to audition with an accent. In addition, certain scenes will require brief nudity, however, these scenes will not be included in the audition process.

● Martin Dysart (male age range 40-55) – A psychiatrist, Dr. Dysart comes to doubt the value of his own work, and perhaps as a result, suffers a series of nightmares.
● Alan Strang (male age range 18-25) – A lean boy of 17, Alan is arrested after blinding six horses at Harry Dalton’s stable where he works. (Role requires nudity).
● Jill Mason (age range 18-25) – Pretty and middle class, Jill eventually becomes Alan’s love interest. (Role requires nudity).

Audition Process

Actors are required to prepare a one to two minute monologue, and should be prepared to perform a cold reading from the “Equus” script. Actors are also encouraged to bring a headshot and resume to the audition, if available.

Actors cast in the production must be available for rehearsal beginning in mid-March and running through May 16, 2012.

Performances of “Equus” are scheduled to run on the main stage of the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center (PAC) at College of the Canyons from May 17-20.

October 21, 2011

College Presents Annual Jack Oakie Film Series

College of the Canyons will host its annual Jack Oakie Film Series designed to celebrate the artistic achievements of Jack and Victoria Oakie, while assisting students interested in applying for a prestigious Oakie scholarship award.

The 2011 installment of the Jack Oakie Film Series will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 1, in the College of the Canyons cinema room, Hasley Hall, Room 101, located on the college’s Valencia campus.

The event will feature a screening of the 1932 comedy “Million Dollar Legs” starring Jack Oakie and W.C. Fields, and a special lecture about Jack Oakie’s many contributions to the world of cinema presented by guest speaker Randy Haberkamp, director of Educational Programs and Special Projects at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

“The College of the Canyons Foundation is very grateful to the Jack Oakie and Victoria Horne Oakie Charitable Trust Foundation for its continued support of our students,” said Michele Edmonson, College of the Canyons Foundation director of development. “We are honored to have the opportunity to celebrate the Oakie legacy through this annual film series, and look forward to hearing Mr. Haberkamp’s insights on the life and career of this extraordinary individual.”

In 2011 The Jack Oakie and Victoria Horne Oakie Charitable Foundation Trust will award $11,000 in scholarship awards to students studying the Fine and Performing Arts at College of the Canyons.

The primary criterion for the Oakie scholarship awards is for students to watch a Jack Oakie or Victoria Horne Oakie film and critique the film from the perspective of a scriptwriter, a director, an actor, a comedian, a singer or a dancer.  

Application packets may also be picked up in Pico Hall, Room 112, located on the college’s Valencia campus. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 14.

About the Oakies

Jack Oakie’s film career was remarkably prolific during a turbulent time in American history. He worked steadily in the film industry from 1927 through the 1940s, and was on contract at Paramount Studios from 1929 to 1934. His career spanned many decades and encompassed stage, film, radio, and later, television.

Oakie appeared in 87 films and was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor for his role as the Dictator of Bacteria in the 1940 Charlie Chaplin film “The Great Dictator.” 

Both Jack and Victoria were actors and long time residents of the San Fernando Valley — known for being philanthropists and humanitarians throughout their lives. Continuing their legacy of giving, The Oakie Charitable Foundation trustees remain dedicated to the couple’s wishes: “Give the money to the kids!” 

For more information about the College of the Canyons Jack Oakie Film Series or how to apply for an Oakie scholarship award please contact the COC Foundation at (661) 362-3737.

October 20, 2011

Canyon Country Campus To Introduce New Native Planting Lecture Series

In November, the College of the Canyons Canyon Country campus will introduce a new Native Planting lecture series that will explore the fascinating world of native gardening while helping community members learn how they can adopt some of the environmentally sensitive and draught tolerant gardening techniques the Canyon Country campus has implemented into its landscaping design.

“The Canyon Country campus offers a tremendous setting to explore how native plantings can be implemented into any landscape design,” said Dr. Dena Maloney, Vice President of the Canyon Country Campus and Economic Development. “Our campus features more than 40 types of trees, shrubs and plants, many of which are native to this region of Southern California.”  

The first lecture in the college’s new Native Planting lecture series will take place from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Nov. 5, at the Carl A. Rasmussen Amphitheater, located on the Canyon Country campus.

Appropriate for community members including children in grades four through six, the event will include a walking tour of the campus and accompanying lecture by COC adjunct biology instructor Kathy Sloan.

Sloan holds a Master of Science degree in Ecology from University of California at Davis and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from UCLA. An avid environmentalist and biologist, Sloan has taught at College of the Canyons for 24 years, primarily in organismal and environmental biology.

During the tour attendees will have opportunities to take in the various natural settings and scenic views that make the Canyon Country campus so unique, while learning about the various drought proof and fire resistant landscape designs employed by the college.

The campus’ walkways, quads and courtyard areas, which have been landscaped with a varied mixture of bright and aesthetically pleasing plant life, will also be included as part of the tour.

Other topics of discussion will include:

● Southern California native plant communities
● The advantages and drawbacks of using native plants, chaparral and wildflowers in your yard 
● How to select and cultivate native plantings
● How to trim and maintain native plantings for both beauty and safety
● Recognizing plants at your local nursery that require less water 

After the tour, all participants will receive a seed packet of California native plantings to take home and begin using in their own landscape designs.

“This series will be especially appealing to homeowners that want to learn how to make the switch to a more draught tolerant landscape,” Maloney said. “However, we invite all students and community members to come take part in this exciting new lecture series and see for themselves what type of landscaping is possible by using native plantings.”

The Native Gardening lecture is funded by a community grant from the City of Santa Clarita.  

The Canyon Country campus is currently developing a number of additional on-campus garden areas that may be incorporated into future Native Planting lecture series events. 

Such projects include an outdoor research garden to be used in conjunction with the college’s new Environmental Studies and Environmental Science courses; a small children’s garden as part of the campus’ Early Childhood Education Center; a veteran’s tribute garden; a dry creek garden; a slope demonstration area; a moonlight garden; and a cactus and succulent garden.

October 20, 2011

College to Host Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 

In an effort to honor the college’s many distinguished alumni and long standing community supporters, this month the COC Foundation will host the College of the Canyons Inaugural Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Luncheon.

The college’s new Alumni Hall of Fame was established to honor and recognize College of the Canyons alumni, along with other friends and supporters of COC who attended a community college and have made outstanding professional achievements and served the surrounding community and/or college in a significant way. 

Being inducted into the College of the Canyons Alumni Hall of Fame’s 2011 inaugural class will be:

● Peggy Cannistraci, Alumna
● Steve Arklin, Alumnus
● Joseph Schulman, Friend

“We are proud to recognize these three deserving honorees for our first Hall of Fame induction ceremony,” said College of the Canyons Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook. “They exemplify the power and purpose of College of the Canyons to help students discover their potential and equip them for a lifetime of success and achievement.”

Prior to the establishment of the college’s current Alumni Hall of Fame format, there have been 13 Outstanding Alumni and eight Outstanding Friends honorees recognized by the College of the Canyons Foundation. 

They include former Outstanding Alumni Honorees: Greg Kincaid, 1999; Greg and Michele Jenkins, 2000; B.J. Atkins, 2001; Audrey Green, 2002; Joan Warden, 2002; Scott Evans, 2003; Sami Salvatori, 2004; Mark Jenkins, 2005; Jill Mellady, 2006; Len Mohney, 2007; Kevin Holmes, 2008; James “Chip” Chavez, 2009; Marjanne Priest, 2010.

And former Outstanding Friend Honorees: Al Adelini, 2003; Steve Salvatori, 2004; Roxie Ramey, 2005; SCV Auto Dealers Association, 2006; Vicki Engbrecht, 2007; Lundgren Management, 2008; Jan Keller, 2009; Carl and Jeri Goldman, 2010.

These individuals will also be honored at the Induction Ceremony and Luncheon, and grandfathered into the college’s new Alumni Hall of Fame. In subsequent years, Hall of Fame inductees will help make up the selection committee responsible for identifying future candidates.

The College of the Canyons Inaugural Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Luncheon will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, Oct. 28, in the college’s Student Center Dining Room, located on the COC Valencia campus.

October 18, 2011

Wells Fargo Bank Renews its Donation to SBDC at College of the Canyons

Steve Tannehill (center), Director of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) hosted by College of the Canyons accepts a $10,000 donation from Wells Fargo Bank Community President Ernie Pineda (right) and Wells Fargo Bank Vice President and District Manager, Kathie Voss (left), during a check presentation ceremony at the Wells Fargo branch in Lancaster. The newly donated funds will help fund the SBDC’s lineup of business consulting and training services offered to small business owners throughout the Antelope Valley as part of its ongoing commitment to serving the small business community in the Santa Clarita, Antelope and San Fernando Valleys.

As a result of the donation — which follows an initial $10,000 contribution made to the SBDC by Wells Fargo in 2010 — SBDC business advisors will be able to continue to offer an expanded set of free business consulting services in its Antelope Valley service area.

“We are very grateful to Wells Fargo Bank for confirming their belief in the work we do in the Antelope Valley by renewing their financial sponsorship,” said SBDC Director Steve Tannehill. “With their help, over the last year we have been able to increase our consulting activities and training activities by 15 percent and 58 percent, respectively.”  

During that same period of time the SBDC has helped Antelope Valley small business owners raise more than $1.1 million in capital, create 157 new jobs, and start three new small businesses. 

“These successes would not have been possible without the support of Wells Fargo Bank and our other Antelope Valley partners,” added Tannehill.

Based on the notion that local economies thrive when small businesses thrive, several Antelope Valley organizations including Wells Fargo Bank, the City of Lancaster, the City of Palmdale and the South Valley WorkSource Center have partnered with the SBDC to bring increased consulting and training services to entrepreneurs throughout the region.

Through these partnerships, the SBDC serves as the core source of workshop trainers and business advisors, while Wells Fargo Bank, and the South Valley WorkSource Center provide the use of their facilities to host the SBDC’s lineup of low-cost workshops and no-cost consulting services. 

“The SBDC is an outstanding asset to our community and that is why we are delighted to partner with them again this year,” said Kathie Voss, Vice President and District Manager for Wells Fargo Antelope Valley. “Wells Fargo is committed to supporting the economic advancement of everyone in our communities and SBDC plays a vital role in this vision.”

As part of the partnership SBDC business advisors regularly consult with small businesses and host workshops and seminars with topics including:

● Business start-up and expansion
● Business plan development
● How to obtain financing for your business
● Increasing sales for existing businesses

SBDC business training workshops are conducted at the Lancaster Wells Fargo branch training facilities located at Wells Fargo Training Room, 802 West Lancaster Blvd., in Lancaster. 

The SBDC hosted by College of the Canyons was launched in January 2006. SBDC business advisors assist prospective and existing small business owners in starting, retaining or expanding their businesses by providing workshops, one-on-one consulting, and many other resources to the business community. 

October 12, 2011

Performing Arts Center's ‘Holiday with Roger Williams’ Canceled

The Performing Arts Center at College of the Canyons regrets to announce that the Dec. 4 special event “Holiday with Roger Williams” has been canceled. Roger Williams, whose music has served as the soundtrack to the lives of at least three generations, died Oct. 8.

“Roger Williams was of legendary status and a master pianist, so we were naturally thrilled that he had agreed to appear in our community,” said Adam Philipson, managing director of the Performing Arts Center. “Our condolences are with his family, band members and fans.”

Williams, the first pianist to have been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, produced 21 gold and platinum albums. 

He burst upon the music scene in 1955 with “Autumn Leaves,” an American classic that stands as the greatest-selling piano recording of all time. He followed that with million-selling records such as “Born Free,” “Impossible Dream,” “Till,” “Near You,” “Almost Paradise,” “Two Different Worlds,” “Lara's Theme” from “Dr. Zhivago,” and the theme from “Somewhere in Time.”

Williams was, as Reader's Digest put it, “undeniably one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century.”

He was born Louis Weertz in Omaha, Neb., on Oct. 1, 1924, and he began playing the piano at the age of 3. While a student at the Julliard School of Music, he won “Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts” on television and scored a recording contract with Kapp Records, which insisted that he “have a name that would stand up anywhere.” Louis Weertz became Roger Williams, so named after the founder of Rhode Island. 

Williams performed at every major venue with nearly every major symphony orchestra, including Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl and the White House, having performed for nine U.S. presidents.  He also was a main attraction in Las Vegas for years, headlining at the MGM-Grand and the Tropicana.

He died at his Los Angeles home of complications from pancreatic cancer.

October 5, 2011

Canyon Country Campus Site of Ecologically Inspired Lecture

The Environmental Studies and Environmental Science department will host a lecture and community discussion about the ecological conditions at nearby Channel Islands National Park and the importance of maintaining the National Park System’s treasured ecosystems for future generations.

The lecture “Restoring Balance: Channel Islands National Park” will be presented by special guest speaker Russell E. Galipeau Jr.?, Superintendent, Channel Islands National Park?.

Prior to assuming his current position at Channel Islands, Galipeau served as Chief of Natural Resources Management at both Yosemite National Park and Wrangell-St. Elias? National Park and Preserve?, in Alaska.

In addition, Galipeau has spent time as a park ranger and natural resources management specialist at parks across the nation, including, Mammoth Cave National Park, the Canaveral National Seashore, Everglades National Park and Castillo de San Marcos National Monument.

During the lecture Galipeau will address several important issues related to Channel Islands National Park and the larger National Parks System. Topics of discussion are expected to include:

● The unique aspects of the National Parks System and the many natural wonders on display at Channel Islands National Park.
● The importance of proper management and oversight of the park’s exotic plant and animal species.
● The methods employed by park rangers and other park staff to continually restore and maintain the park’s ecosystems for future generations.

“The Channel Islands are an ecological treasure often referred to as the ‘Galapagos of North America,’” said Jeannie Chari, associate professor of the college’s Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences department. “In this lecture Mr. Galipeau is certain to provide all in attendance a wondrous look at the delicate evolutionary drama that plays out on these isolated land masses.”

The lecture “Restoring Balance: Channel Islands National Park” will take place from 12:30 to 1:50 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19, in the college’s new Applied Technology Education Center (ATEC), Room 708, located in Quad 7 of the Canyon Country campus.

This event is free and open to all students and community members, however seating may be limited. 

The college’s Environmental Studies and Environmental Science department is dedicated to preparing students for transfer to four-year schools by providing a broad base of both natural science and social science course work, paired with a well-rounded selection of general education courses.

The goal of the department is to provide students with the scientific background needed to obtain advanced degrees and eventually pursue careers in an environmentally related field.

For more information about the lecture “Restoring Balance: Channel Islands National Park” please contact Jeannie Chari at (661) 362-3383.

October 5, 2011

Cinema Department Hosts Afternoon With Filmmaker Don Hahn

The cinema department will host a unique afternoon with legendary filmmaker, master storyteller and renowned Walt Disney studios animation producer Don Hahn, who will present a free on-campus screening of his documentary film “Waking Sleeping Beauty.”

A former music and art major at nearby California State University, Northridge (CSUN), Hahn began his professional career at Walt Disney studios in 1976, before going on to become one of the most influential and successful animation producers in the industry.

Hahn has served as the producer behind such Walt Disney classics as “The Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” while also earning associate producer credits on landmark films including “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and the 2006 Disney Digital 3D version of “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

In 2009, Hahn made his directorial debut with the documentary film “Waking Sleeping Beauty,” about the combination of people and circumstance that helped to produce an animation renaissance at Walt Disney Studios during the 1980s and 90s.

Hahn — who has also authored three books on the art of animation — is currently working with renowned director Tim Burton on the stop-action animated feature film “Frankenweenie” due out in 2012, and has produced and directed for several other documentary film projects, including the highly successful Disney Nature Films.

The event “An Afternoon with Don Hahn” will take place at 11 a.m. Friday, Oct. 14, in the college’s cinema room, located in Hasley Hall, Room 101 on the Valencia campus.

During the presentation Mr. Hahn will screen his documentary film “Waking Sleeping Beauty,” which will be accompanied by a unique Q & A session with the filmmaker immediately following the film.

This event is free and open to the public, however seating is available on a first come first served basis, and may be limited.