Important Notices


Advisory: Important Campus Safety Information
College of the Canyons is advising the college community about possible fraudulent activity taking place on campus. A young man has been visiting area community colleges, including College of the Canyons, and allegedly selling discounted tickets to a “comedy show.”
An instructor reported that the man pictured here visited her class on the Valencia campus, and said he was part of the college's student body and selling tickets for a fundraiser. Students had to buy the tickets immediately to secure the discount.
The man reportedly engaged in the same behavior at Santiago Canyon College, where his picture was captured on a surveillance camera.
If you see someone on campus matching this description, or engaging in similar suspicious behavior, you should call Campus Safety immediately at Ext. 3229, or dial 7 from any campus phone.
Please be aware that the Student Development Office does not ask Associated Student Government officers to visit classrooms without prior arrangements. If you ever have questions about whether an activity is endorsed by ASG or Student Development, please call Student Development at Ext. 3238. 

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Advisory: College Does Not Endorse Door-to-Door Solicitors
College of the Canyons has once again received reports from local residents regarding visits from supposed College of the Canyons students who were going door-to-door soliciting funds for a college newspaper. Variations of this same scam happen from time to time, with people who have posed as students and asked for money for various college projects or activities -- none of which are real.
College of the Canyons does not ask its students to go door-to-door to solicit monetary donations for any reason. In all likelihood, the people who are engaged in this con are taking advantage of the strong reputation that COC has in the community and we only hope that no one falls victim to this scam. And, needless to say, the college doesn’t appreciate having its good reputation sullied in this manner.
At the same time, residents should be acutely aware that this is a con and that they should notify local law enforcement if anyone comes to their doors asking for donations on behalf of the college. It would be extremely helpful for anyone who comes in contact with these people to ask for I.D., to get good descriptions of these people and report them immediately to law enforcement.
The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station can be reached at (661) 255-1121.
We ask that you bring this issue to the public’s attention in the hopes that residents will be fully informed and that the knowledge you provide the public will act as a deterrent to these kinds of activities.