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Release No.04.28.16-AmbulanceSimulator
April 28, 2016
College’s EMT Program Takes a Ride Into The Future

With the installation of its new state-of-the-art ambulance simulator, the College of the Canyons emergency medical technician (EMT) program becomes the first program in the state — and one of only 16 in the nation — to incorporate this technologically advanced classroom-learning resource into its curriculum.

The college’s new ambulance simulator, built by Simulator Solutions, is able to replicate a variety of situations that take place in an ambulance by mimicking road movements, as well as other distractions that can occur inside a moving ambulance.

The simulator has been constructed to match actual ambulance dimensions and includes fully functional interior control panels and storage areas. Interior shelves are stocked with everything found in an actual Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance. COC officials also worked directly with Simulator Solutions to customize both interior and exterior features in order to better meet student and program needs. 

“This state-of-the-art ambulance simulator provides COC students with an enhanced learning experience,” said Patti Haley, Director of the College of the Canyons EMT program. “Our EMT program instructors and staff are excited to help pave the way for the future of emergency medical services education by using this valuable resource.” 

Currently, the college’s EMT program requires students to complete one eight-hour ride along experience in the field, which may have limited patient contacts. The ambulance simulator will now provide instructors and students alike with an added resource in which to conduct realistic scenarios and hands-on training. 

The simulator’s interior design and accompanying equipment will provide added opportunities to practice skills including administering CPR, patient assessment, managing patient airways, evaluating vital signs, providing trauma care and recording patient history — all while working in a confined space and dealing with simulated road movement. 

“College of the Canyons and the EMT Program are committed to providing our students with the latest information and technology. The ambulance simulator allows students to apply and master their knowledge, skills and abilities in a realistic prehospital care environment,” said Haley.

The College of the Canyons EMT department will host an open house event for students and community members interested in learning more about the ambulance simulator and its classroom applications from 9 a.m. to noon Monday, May 2, in Towsley Hall, Room 101.

About the EMT Program

The EMT Program at College of the Canyons prepares students to render pre-hospital basic life support at the scene of an emergency, during transport of the sick and injured, or during inter-facility transfer within an organized emergency management system (EMS) system. 

The program integrates ethics, anatomy, physiology, basic life support, communication skills, patient assessment, trauma care and transportation of the pre-hospital patient. As part of the program students participate in clinical hours at an emergency department and in a working ambulance.

The college’s EMT Program prepares students to take the National Registry Exam in order to gain certification in Los Angeles County and the State of California as an EMT.

Curriculum is based on the Department of Transportation’s National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards.
The College of the Canyons EMT Program has been approved by the Los Angeles County EMS Agency, State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority and the National Registry of EMTs.