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July 10, 2015

College Partners with LAPD on New Internship Program 

By partnering with Los Angeles Police Department to offer a new Motor Transport Division: Student Internship program, College of the Canyons is providing automotive technology students with a significant opportunity for professional growth within one of Southern California’s most important and well-known organizations. 
Upon selection, qualified students will receive hands-on instruction from current LAPD Motor Transport employees regarding diagnostics, preventative maintenance, the installation of special equipment for law enforcement vehicles and more. 
“It’s gratifying to broker a partnership of this value. The City of Los Angeles brings to the table a well-structured internship that will offer an opportunity for our students to work side-by-side with veterans of the LAPD Motor Transport Division,” said Gina Bogna, assistant dean, internships, job development & career center at the college.
“Vartan Yegiyan, police administrator II and acting director of police transportation II, George Yamanaka, acting commanding officer and I share a vision to see the interns use this experience as inspiration to consider the LAPD Motor Transport Division as a viable career choice,” added Bogna.

According to Bogna, more than 50 students within the college’s automotive technology department have already fulfilled the minimum requirements to apply. 

Earlier this summer, four COC students were selected to participate in the internship program after a competitive application process that included a series of intensive interviews and background checks

The four COC students — Michael van Lamsweerde, Jeannette Constantino, Lynda Nunez and Kimberly Night — began their 60-hour internship on June 22, and will conclude their service on Aug. 8.

“The use of the word ‘amazing’ would be an understatement to describe the opportunity afforded to these students,” said Bogna. “The fact that three of the students are female is especially unique in this typically male-dominated industry.”

The LAPD Motor Transport division is widely recognized as a leader in law enforcement fleet operations and has produced many innovative vehicle solutions to meet the high demands of law enforcement agencies worldwide.
The Department’s fleet totals approximately 5,100 units. The fleet travels about 56 million miles annually.
Beyond the normal maintenance of vehicles, the division performs collision repair, component rebuilding, vehicle modifications and refurbishment.
To put the division’s responsibilities in perspective, the annual budget for all maintenance including repairs, tires, oil and fuel range between $25 and $32 million.

“This is a wonderful prospect for our students to contextualize their learning while working with our community partners,” said Omar Torres, dean of the college’s School of Mathematics, Sciences, and Health Professions. “The college is grateful to LAPD for providing this opportunity.”
For more information about the LAPD Auto Internship program, visit the college’s job and internship portal, under “My Jobs” at To learn more about the Automotive Technology Department, visit​.