Payment Plan Criteria

Payments for classes are due at the time of registration. Non-resident students, who are receiving Financial Aid, may be eligible to set up a payment plan agreement during the Spring and Fall semesters. There are no payment plans available for the Winter or Summer semesters. If you would like to set up a payment plan, you must contact the Student Business Office prior to your registration and complete your down payment and Promissory Note on the day you register.
In order to be eligible for a payment plan students must:
  1. Be a non-resident student, but not an ISP on a visa
  2. Be 18 years of age or older
  3. Have and maintain a 2.00 cumulative GPA
  4. Have applied for Financial Aid and received an Award Letter
  5. Not have any other balances owing or holds or encumbrances
  6. If awarded and receiving loans, you must complete an online four step process to activate the loans. Please see Financial Aid Site to complete: (1) Loan Counseling Workshop (2) Loan Activation (3) Loan Master Promissory Note (4) Exit Counseling
When setting up a payment plan, Students will be required to make a down payment. The down payment will cover all enrollment and college fees. The non-resident tuition and capital outlay fees may be placed on a payment plan. The payment due dates for the non-resident tuition will coincide with the disbursement of student grants and/or loans. All fees for the semester must be paid in full one month prior to the last day of the semester. Failure to pay may result in the student being dropped from their classes or have a hold placed on their financial records preventing them from receiving college services including, but not limited to, registration privileges, transcripts, library services, etc.
The following items will be required at the time of establishing the Payment plan: 
A copy of the student Financial Aid Award Letter.
A minimum down payment to include:
  • Enrollment Fees
  • Student Representative Fees
  • Student center Fees
  • Health fees
  • Student Activity Fee (optional)
  • Parking (optional)
Signature on a promissory note

To set up an appointment, please contact the Student Business Office at 661-362-3033.