Payment for tuition and fees is due at the time of registration.

See Deregistration Schedule below.

You will be deregistered from your classes unless payment has been made by the deadline or your Student Account shows the following:


  • You have completed a payment plan. Payment plans are available to non-resident students who have been awarded financial aid. Payment Plans are not available for Summer or Winter Sessions.
  • You are sponsored by a third party.  All Sponsorship Agreements must be received by the Valencia Student Business Office a minimum of one (1) week prior to registration. If you are a Veteran, you must submit your VP-20 to the Student Business Office on the day of registration.

  • You are applying a scholarship to your account. Students wishing to have their scholarship applied towards their tuition, must meet with the Financial Aid Office prior to registration.
  • You are approved for a Board of Governor Fee Waiver. (BOG) The BOG will waive the Enrollment Fee. Students are still responsible for paying the necessary College Fees. All BOGs must be re-applied for each year beginning with the fall semester.

Any remaining tuition and fees not covered by these programs must still be paid by the due date.


Failure to make your payment in full, will result in deregistration from some or all of your classes. If the Student Business Office is closed, payment must be made online to prevent deregistration. Any payments made after deadlines listed on the Deregistration Schedule will not prevent deregistration.


If you have been deregistered from your classes, you may re-enroll through “My Canyons”. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to re-enroll in the same classes. If classes have already started and the class is closed, you will need permission to add your class by obtaining an add code form signed by the instructor.  You may then use the online “My Canyons” system to add the class using the add code provided. If it is beyond the add deadline date, you will not be able to re-add the course.


It is the student’s responsibility to drop classes. Failure to drop classes prior to the refund deadline date will result in an obligation to pay fees. Failure to formally withdraw from classes may result in receiving grades.


           Deregistration Schedule

Fall 2016

Registration Period

You must pay at the time of registration or no later than:

If not paid by the deadline, you will be deregistered on:

Prior to or on July 30, 2016

11:59 PM on Sun., July 30, 2016

Mon., Aug. 1, 2016

Prior to or on Aug. 10, 2016

11:59 PM on Wed., Aug. 10, 2016

Thurs., Aug. 11, 2016

On or After Aug. 11, 2016

11:59 PM on Sun., Aug. 21, 2016

HOLDS will be placed


Any account with a remaining balance will receive an Outstanding Fee Hold preventing further registration activity until the account has been paid in full.  ​