Mission of the Social Science and Business Division

The mission of the Social Sciences and Business (SSB) Division emulates the College’s overall Mission Statement to provide accessible education to students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university, develop workforce skills or meet individual learning objectives.

The Division is comprised of 11 academic departments, including Anthropology, Business, Communication Studies, Computer Information Technology, Economics, History, Paralegal Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Real Estate, and Sociology. In addition, this also includes the newly formed Gerontology emphasis, which is available through the Skills for Healthy Aging Programs and Resources (SHARP) Certificate. The Division also houses the COC Honors Program.

Of these academic disciplines, seven are primarily academically oriented and provide students with a variety of introductory level courses that meet General Education requirements for transfer. Specifically, SSB provides academic training at the lower division level while providing a wide selection of transfer-level courses that are articulated with many 4-year colleges and universities throughout the state. These include most, if not all, courses needed for related majors at our primary “feeder” institutions of CSUN and UCLA. The remaining five areas are academically oriented, but also embody a Career Technical Education component.

The departments of Business, Computer Information Technology, Gerontology, Paralegal Studies, and Real Estate incorporate theoretical training and application. Students taking classes in Computer Information Technology, Paralegal Studies, and Real Estate will learn skills that will allow them to enter the job market immediately.

In these cases, current training in software applications, legal procedures, and real estate processes are taught at a fraction of the cost at either a 4-year college or university. These departments also recognize the increased number of students who will seek quick, marketable training in less than two years.

The newly created one semester, 12-unit SHARP Certificate offered through Gerontology addresses this need. The certificate emphasizes Evidence-Based Health Promotion (EBHP) for older adults and provides students the skills to work as Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) Training Leaders. In addition, all departments in SSB are integrating aspects of college skills throughout their curricula, as well as exploring how to infuse aspects of CTE into courses, since an a number of students will leave college after two years or postpone transfer to a four-year college or university.