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UPGRADE | Blackboard Tutorial


GPA | Calculator


How to Read an Academic Transcript


The UPGRADE Blackboard Tutorial





 Use the Grade Point Average calculator to estimate how individual course grades are going to affect your cumulative GPA. Also handy for setting specific grade goals to raise your cumulative GPA.





This tutorial is designed to teach students on academic or progress probation how to identify their standing by analyzing the Academic Standing (AS) Transcript. Please review the tutorial prior to participating in a First Semester Academic/Progress Probation workshop or a Second Semester Academic CPR workshop.  Once you have finished the tutorial you can print out a Certificate of Completion to bring to your workshop.





Time Management Chart


-------- UNDER CONSTRUCTION --------

-------- UNDER CONSTRUCTION --------

The Time Management Chart  Back from the online orientation by popular demand! The interactive chart allows you to set periods of time through the week and figure out the best way to get everything done. Notice that, for every one-hour class period you schedule in, the chart will put you down for two hours of study time.