What is a 4th semester Nursing Student?
 A student who is currently registered in the 4th semester of the Nursing program.


    4th semester nursing students do not need to attend an orientation, however, you must register your project with the Service-Learning office (SL Office) before the placement form deadline date. Each student must register for themselves and sign in with the SL staff to receive credit.
    Please read the following instructions...
    1.   The registration process will take 10-15 minutes, so please set this amount of time aside to register.
    2.   When you register you will need to have your class schedule and Student ID number.
    3.   A staff member will direct you to all the appropriate forms you will need to fill out for your project.  
    4.   Please be aware of your hour requirement for your project, if you are not sure what your requirement is, check your syllabus or ask your instructor.
    5.   Each project requires a reflection essay, please refer to the reflection essay instructions listed under the SL INFO tab on our website.
    6.   To receive credit for your project you must complete the hour requirement and essay.
    Remember to engage in this opportunity, expand your learning and give back to the community it is totally worth it!!!