What do new students need to know before attending a new student orientation?

• All NEW students must attend an orientation to register for your project.
• You DO NOT need to RSVP for an orientation; just show up.
• Please remember to bring your student ID number and course information (i.e. instructor's name, course number, and 5-digit section number) to the orientation.
• New students will receive a Service-Learning Handbook during the new student orientation process.


Student Responsibilities
Disclaimer for Service-Learning Students:
Please note that all students are held responsible to read and understand all the listed material in the Service-Learning handbook. It is the students' responsibility to properly enroll in the Service-Learning Program.  If the student wishes to drop from the Service-Learning Program at any given time, it is the student's responsibility to contact the Service-Learning Staff. Also, if you are participating in Service-Learning for multiple classes you are responsible for completing all the required components for each class unless otherwise arranged by the Service-Learning office. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the process feel free to contact us at (661) 362-3231 or email us at servicelearning@canyons.edu
Before you get started...
  • NEW students must attend an orientation.
  • Review information in Service-Learning Handbook
  • Turn in Workers' compensation paperwork to the Service-Learning office
  • Turn in Placement Form before you start service hours
Once you have started your project...
  • Stay in contact with your agency and the Service-Learning staff to inform them of any developments or changes to your project
  • Maintain Activity and Time Log
After you completed your project...
  • Turn in completed Activity and Time Log
  • Submit reflection assignment by the assigned deadline date
When Dealing with Agencies...
  • Show respect for the policies and expectations of the agency, paying close attention in regard to any confidentiality policies
  • Use professional behavior when performing the service requested of you, including observing any established dress code
  • Be dependable in fulfilling your hour commitment to an agency
  • Give at least a 24-hour notice to the agency if you expect to be absent for a scheduled shift
  • If you plan to discontinue your involvement with an agency indefinitely, it is YOUR responsibility to notify the agency as soon as possible 
When Dealing with Service-Learning Staff...
  • Maintain good communication with Service-Learning staff throughout the semester regarding any problems or concerns
  • Return calls or emails from Service-Learning staff in a timely and respectful manner
  • Adhere to all assignment deadlines. No extensions will be allowed unless authorized by Service-Learning staff.