Community Partner Information
Are you a new non-profit organization in need of volunteers and are interested in becoming partners with our program?
Read  the following information to learn what it takes to become a partner with the College of the Canyons Service-Learning program.
  • Meet with a staff member from the Service-Learning Center.
  • Sign a Service agreement with College of the Canyons Service-Learning Center.
  • Create a list of meaningful duties and available time for service-learners to be on site.
  • Provide initial meeting with student to complete placement agreement, including student service schedule, and meaningful duties that the service-learner will be doing.
  • Provide adequate supervision, with time for feedback.
  • It is suggested to keep an hour log for volunteers so Service-Learning staff can verify hours when needed.
  • Complete an evaluation of the service-learner at the end of each semester.
  • Be willing to meet with course instructors, when requested.