What is a Experience Service-Learning student?

An experienced Service-Learning student is a student who has participated in Service-Learning at College of the Canyons in past semesters. If you are not sure if you are a returning student please stop by the office and a staff member will check on your status. Experienced Service-Learning students do not need to attend an orientation, however, you must register your project with the Service-Learning office before February 26, 2015.


If you are a returning student please continue to read the following instructions...


  1. To sign up for your project you must make an appointment with the Service-Learning staff to register for your project.
  2. The registration process will take 15 - 20 minutes, so please set this amount of time aside to register.
  3. A staff member will work with you to get registered and give you all the appropriate forms (Service-Learning Handbook) you will need to fill out for your project.  
  4. When you register you will need to bring your class schedule and Student ID number.
  5. Please be aware of your hour requirement for your project, if you are not sure what your requirement is, check your syllabus or ask your instructor.
  6. Each project requires a written essay.
  7. To receive credit for your project you must complete the hour requirement and turn in your essay by the designated dates given in your Service-Learning Handbook.
Disclaimer for Service-Learning Students:
Please note that all students are held responsible to read and understand all the listed material in the Service-Learning handbook. It is the students' responsibility to properly enroll in the Service-Learning Program.  If the student wishes to drop from the Service-Learning Program at any given time, it is the student's responsibility to contact the Service-Learning Staff. Also, if you are participating in Service-Learning for multiple classes you are responsible for completing all the required components for each class unless otherwise arranged by the Service-Learning office. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the process feel free to contact us at (661) 362-3231 or email us at servicelearning@canyons.edu


Remember to engage in this opportunity,expand your learning and give back to the community it is totally worth it!!!