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Habitat for Humanity
of San Fernando & SCV
21031 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Organization Description- The Habitat for Humanity of San Fernando & SCV was founded in 1990 as an affiliate for Habitat of Humanity International. They are a locally run, independent, non-profit organization serving North Los Angeles County and the Antelope Valley, building houses for low-income working families and veteran families. To date, we have built over 200 homes and are among the top 5% of Habitat affiliates nationwide to reach this goal. With the help of volunteers, they are building a new kind of Habitat, for a new generation.
In 2012, Habitat for Humanity SF/SCV continued their mission to serve low-income working families, but also began their newest initiative for veterans by giving at minimum 10 veteran families critical home repairs/disability modifications and access to self-sufficiency services. Habitat further built a 12 home community in Sylmar, Habitat for Heroes. Here they will build homes and provide self-sufficiency training that will empower some of our most deserving citizens: veterans and families of the fallen. Habitat continues Our mission to lift low-income working civilian and veteran families out of substandard housing and to offer them a gateway to the American Dream of homeownership so that they can build brighter economic futures. Currently we are building a 78 home veteran community with full wrap around services in Santa Clarita.  This is our Enriched Neighborhood Veteran Community.  Habitat has just purchased land in Palmdale to complete another 50 home community for veterans.
Volunteer Opportunities
Chatsworth Habitat ReStore
  • Generates funds to support Habitat's building programs.
Volunteers help with:
  • Customer service
  • Organizing
  • Cleaning
  • Repair & refurbish furniture
Construction Volunteer
Minimum age to work on construction site is 16 with parental consent. Volunteers are suggested to bring:
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
Dress Code Habitat for Humanity prides itself on its warm and professional atmosphere. This is reflected in their expectations regarding dress:
  • Work shoes with hard soles are required (work boots are ideal). No tennis shoes, sandals, flip-flops, heels, slip-on or slipper type shoes permitted
  • Clothing must be appropriate and not offensive in any way--no bare midriffs or bra straps showing, no undergarments exposed above pant line
  • No apparel or body decor and/or ink that advertise drugs, alcohol, sex, intolerance of any type or violence
  • No loop piercings may be left on or open such that they could be caught and tear
  • Jeans or work pants must be worn at the waist
  • No headphones & cell phones must be turned off during shift
  • Nametags must be worn during each shift
Hours of Operation- Monday-Friday; 9:00 am-5:30 pm  
Volunteer Hours
 Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Construction Schedule: 8:00 am- 2:00 pm
Minimum Hours Required- Volunteers may come as frequently as their schedule permits. Volunteers must work a shift of at least 4 hours.
Contact Person-Donielle De Leon- DDeLeon@HumanityCA.org
Telephone Number- 818.884-8808
Additional Comments-All volunteers are required to have health insurance.
Orientations are done on-site at the beginning of the volunteer shift.

HandsOn Santa Clarita
25201 Avenue Tibbitts, Suite 202, Valencia, CA 91355
Organization Description - Since 1997, HandsOn Santa Clarita has promoted social responsibility through the advancement of community involvement by way of advocacy, education, and volunteerism. As the local volunteer center of the Santa Clarita Valley, HandsOn encourages philanthropy and builds the capacity of non-profit organizations through administration of the Court Referral Program, National Service Day events, and through traditional volunteering. By partnering local non-profits, groups, and businesses with volunteers, HandsOn Santa Clarita is able to make a difference every day.
Volunteer Opportunities
  • Event planning
  • Office administration
  • Database/web administration
Hours of Operation - Monday-Friday; 8am-5pm
Contact Person - Bethany Bryski or Seema Shah (prefers to be contacted via email)
Telephone - 661.257-1997
Additional Comments - Volunteer Requirements Orientation and training will be provided on an individual basis.

Heal the Bay
1444 9th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Organization Description-  Heal the Bay is a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to making Southern California coastal waters safe, healthy, and clean. Heal the Bay uses research, education, community action, and advocacy to pursue their mission.
Volunteer Opportunities
·         Beach cleanups
·         Office work
·         Public speaking
·         Aquarium volunteer
·         Restorations
·         Water chemistry
All opportunities can be viewed at www.healthebay.org/volunteer
Hours of Operation- Monday-Friday; 9:30am - 5:30pm  
Contact Person- Nancy Shrodes (best to contact during weekdays)
Telephone Number- 310.451-1500
Additional Comments- Learn more about Heal the Bay's volunteer programs by attending a Volunteer Orientation, offered on the 2nd Monday of every month (except December).

Help the Children
25030 Avenue Tibbetts Suite L, Valencia, CA 91355
Organization Description- Help the Children is a nonprofit charity that helps struggling residents of Santa Clarita with food, clothing and personal hygiene items, as well as job information.
Volunteer Opportunities
  • Lifting of boxes of food
  • Sorting, cleaning, and restocking of food shelves
  • Driving
  • Promotions skills
Volunteer Hours Required
Full shifts are required:
Monday - Friday; 9am-12pm
Tuesday, Thursday; 5pm-7:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am-12pm
Hours of Operation - Monday-Friday; 9am-3:30pm
Contact Person - Michael Santomauro (best time to contact is Monday-Friday between 9am-4pm)
Telephone Number - 661.702-8852
Additional Comments - Volunteers are required to fill out a 2 page form. Volunteers must attend an orientation, which is held 15 minutes at the beginning of the shift.

Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital
23845 McBean Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355
Important Volunteer information:
Due to the high volume of volunteers applying for volunteer positions at Henry Mayo, a lottery system is now being used to select volunteers.
Interested students need to go to www.henrymayo.com/volunteerlottery and register for the volunteer lottery on the date that is noted to begin the lottery process. Students will be contacted by Henry Mayo within 24-36 hours of registering when they are selected to participate. If you are NOT selected, please attempt to apply again but you will NOT be receiving an e-mail from us.
Please continue to read the information listed below as Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital has a very important message for potential volunteers.
Applications are only provided three to four times a year. Please contact the website for those dates. The date for an interest application is usually posted about 4-6 weeks in advance.
Organization Description- Our mission is to improve the health of our community through compassion and excellence in healthcare services; and to create the ideal patient-centered environment to surpass expectations.
Volunteer Opportunities-Please see the website for a complete list of volunteer opportunities. Placement in departments is based on the volunteer's interest, availability and knowledge base.
Volunteer Requirements-The new volunteer orientation last about 3 ½ to 4 hours and is mandatory to enter the program.  A one-on-one training in the new volunteer’s assigned area will be provided once the application process is completed. 
Required Dress Code:
  • You will be required to purchase a blue logo shirt or jacket from Gloria’s Uniforms  23540 ½ Lyons Ave, Newhall. 
  • White slacks are required as part of the uniform.  If you purchase a jacket, a white t-shirt or sweater will be worn under the jacket.
  •  White closed-toed walking shoes.
Additional Requirements- A background check is required for all adult volunteers 18+.  No fee is charged to the applicant.
We require a current Tuberculosis test (within 3 months of your beginning volunteer date) and a medical release signed by a physician stating that you are able to volunteer is included in your application paperwork. We do not pay for the first time Tuberculosis test the cost is assumed by the applicant. However, TB tests can be done at COC for a minimal fee or at SCV Quality Care at 23823 Valencia Blvd., Suite 160 Valencia, CA 91355.
Volunteer Hours- Monday-Friday; 9:00-4:00pm for telephone inquiries.
Minimum Hours Required-100 hours which equates to a six month commitment; Volunteers work a 4-hour shift one time per week.
*Note: 100 hour commitment MUST be fulfilled before any recommendation letter can be received.
Hours of Operation-Monday-Friday; 8:30pm-5pm
Contact Persons-         Maria Strmsek, Director  
                                                 April Garcia, Volunteer Coordinator 
Telephone Number- (661) 200-1500 (Volunteer Services)
Email- strmsekma@henrymayo.com or garciaap@henrymayo.com
Additional Comments- Henry Mayo is the only hospital in the Santa Clarita Valley and due to the limited amount of positions available, we request that students that apply are serious about an interest in healthcare  and fulfilling the 100 hours of service required.  You are welcome to remain a volunteer after the 100 hour commitment is completed and we hope that your time with us is rewarding.   Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital.