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Junior Achievement Finance Park
6250 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068
Organization Description-Junior Achievement of Southern California (JASoCal) is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating students about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness, through experiential, hands-on programs.
Volunteer Opportunities-JA Finance Park allows Kindergarten to 12th grade students to see, touch and live the experience of personal finance in a real-life setting of stores, shops, and financial institutions. Service Learning students will mentor and lead visitors through the Park, helping them in a life-like community by assuming various family and income scenarios, and visiting businesses to gather information for their personal financial decision-making.  Service-Learning students will help teach either for a day in a classroom or 1 hour a week for 5 weeks.
Minimum Hours Required – 4-5 hours (1 day) or 1 hour (5-6 weeks)
Hours of Operation-Monday-Friday; 9am - 5pm
Contact Person- Hasani Johnson
Email Address- fpvolunteer@jasocal.org (prefers to be contacted via email)
Additional Comments- Please include your availability in the initial email.  This organization is flexible to work with individual schedules.  A 1 hour training session is needed prior to volunteering, but once trained, will never need to be trained again.  This program is great for future teachers and business leaders.