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Physical Science Lab Assistant
Valencia Campus - Aliso Lab Room-111
Canyons Country Campus - CCC - 309
Volunteer Opportunities - Students will assist the Physical Science program instructors by organizing, restocking, cleaning, and completing inventories of lab materials and supplies, and generally assisting the professor and laboratory technician with laboratory related tasks.
Tasks may include, but are not limited to:
·         Clean lab equipment and glassware
·         Clean lab storage cabinets and drawers; sand/paint over any graffiti
·         Inventory lab materials on hand, and input data to an excel spread sheet (training will be provided)
·         Serve as laboratory assistants aiding the professor and students with execution of laboratory experiments
·         Assist in daily set-up, tear-down, and clean-up for scheduled demonstrations and labs
·         Check student areas and supplies before student groups leave
·         Grade laboratory materials when appropriate with guidance from professor
·         Determine materials and supplies that need to be purchased/ordered for upcoming lab experiments
·         Special projects related to laboratory operation, such as preparing new demonstration materials
·         Retrieve photocopies
·         Students may also assist in preparations and facilitations of the bi-annual Canyon Country Campus Public Star Party
Students are welcome to serve any of the faculty who teach Physical Science 101, and may serve during any scheduled lab except the one in which they are enrolled.  Students are required to serve a minimum of 10 hours and allowed to serve a maximum of 30 hours.  Students who are enrolled in Teresa Ciardi's sections will receive 1 point per hour of service of extra credit, for service in any physical science laboratory sections except the one in which they are enrolled.
Contact Person - Teresa Ciardi
Email - teresa.ciardi@canyons.edu
(when emailing the instructor please include "Service-Learning" in the subject line of the email)
Students are also welcome to visit Teresa Ciardi during a scheduled lab class to express interest (See all sections under class schedule for Physical Science 101).
Hours Available (2-3 students per schedule laboratory period)
Fall 2014
9:20 - 10:50 AM
CCC 309
12:20 - 1:50 PM
CCC 309
6:00 - 9:00 PM
ALLB 111
8:00 - 11:00 AM
ALLB 111
3:50 - 5:20 PM
CCC 309
7:20 - 9:50 PM
ALLB 111


Placerita Canyon Nature Center
19152 Placerita Canyon, Santa Clarita, CA 91321
 Organization Description - 348 acre Natural Area with a LEED-EB Nature Center (Silver Rated).  We are a State Park, leased and operated by the Los Angeles County Department of Parks & Recreation.
Volunteer Duties - (Light) grounds maintenance, building maintenance, animal care, dissemination of information to calling and visiting public.  Hiking/park inspections. 
Minimum Hours Required - A volunteer shift must consist of at least 2 hours at a time.
Telephone Number 661.259-7721or 661.259-7832
Best time to contact - Late mornings or early afternoons
Contact Person - Frank Hoffman
Website - http://www.placerita.org/
Additional Comments - Volunteers cannot be allergic to animal fur or birds and should not be afraid of snakes or spiders.
A professional appearance and closed toe shoes are required and light, comfortable clothes are recommended.

  Currently not accepting Volunteers/Service-Learning Students
ProCare Hospice
10200 Sepulveda Blvd, Mission Hills, CA 90345
Organization Description - Hospice and palliative care.
Volunteer Opportunities - Assist with elder care at senior living facilities in the San Fernando Valley.  
Hours of Operation - Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm; some evenings/weekends
Minimum Hours Required - 60
Contact Person – William Love, PhD
Telephone Number 818.895-8000
Email Address wlove@procarenet.com
Website - www.procarenet.com


Project Kindle
28245 Ave Crocker, Ste. 104, Santa Clarita, CA
Organization Description - Project Kindle's primary purpose is to provide cost-free camping programs and year round support and advocacy for children, young adults, and families infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS, and to offer innovative peer-based HIV/AIDS education for young people ages 12 -24.
Volunteer Opportunities - Assist w/programming including peer-based activities; Speakout, I know, capital campaign to build a camp, and Camp Kindle.  Office assistance; public health; marketing; outreach; public health; non- profit administration; recreation.
Hours of Operation Monday - Thursday, 8am-5pm; Friday, 9am-3pm
Minimum Hours Required - 10
Contact Person - Erin Fitzgerald, Program Coordinator
Telephone Number 661.257-1901
Email - erin@projectkindle.org
Website - www.projectkindle.org

  Currently not accepting Volunteers/Service-Learning Students

Providence Holy Cross Tattoo Removal Clinic
6801 Coldwater Canyon Avenue, Suite #1A, North Hollywood, CA 91605
Organization Description - PCH provide tattoo removal services for ex-gang members and others for whom the tattoo is a barrier from securing employment and/or pose a threat to their safety.
Volunteer Duties - Provide pre and post care for patients, filing, directing patient flow, taking pictures, data entry and may perform other types of duties as assigned or requested.
Providence Tattoo Removal Program Eligibility and Requirements - Volunteers not associated with a nursing school program are required a commitment of 50 hrs of service throughout a period of 12 months.
Nursing students must have proper documentation from school attending that states number of service learning hours required.
All volunteers not associated with a nursing program are obligated to notify Volunteer Services of any prior criminal offense convictions. Applicants must consent to a background screening which will include criminal history.
Volunteers are to be dressed in proper clinical attire (Scrubs are a must). Simple watches and simple ear rings and rings may be worn. Large hoops, dangling jewelry, heavy necklaces or chains, and hats, caps, or bandanas not permitted.
Volunteers must understand that we do not place individuals in volunteer service positions as training for paid positions, nor should they expect compensation or future employment.
Volunteers must understand and sign the "Patient Confidentiality Agreement" form, and attend a 2 hour orientation.
Volunteers must demonstrate initiative and willingness to help when attending clinics; take direction with understanding; use proper judgment in unusual circumstances; communicate properly, cautiously, and clearly.
Volunteers must be reliable and attend clinics they have been confirmed to assist with. If unable to be present, please call and inform us as soon as possible.
Volunteers may not accept any form of compensation or gift from any patient or client. They are to work directly under the supervision of staff and do not earn or collect salary.
Volunteers must have TB screening clearance prior to the start of service. Proof of a negative TB skin test or chest x-ray completed within 6 months of service is required and must be turned in to Volunteer Services staff.
The volunteer must abide by and meet these requirements in order to participate in the volunteer program at Providence Tattoo Removal Program.
Any volunteer status may be terminated at any time if these requirements are not maintained, if the volunteer fails to follow the policies and procedures, or for any other circumstances that could be detrimental to the best interest of the center, or volunteer program.
Volunteer Hours - Saturday 7:00-12:00
Contact Person - Karina Cisneros, Secretary-Outreach and Clinic Coordinator or Kimberly Hibdon will be doing all volunteer for COC Students.
Email – Kimberly.hibdon@providence.org
Best Way to Contact - EMAIL
When sending emails please include:
•Student’s full name
•Class course
•Hours needed
•Due date
•On subject line “COC Service Learning Student”
 Website - www.providence.org/tattooremoval


Providence TrinityCare Hospice
16600 Sherman Way, Suite 266, Van Nuys, CA 91406
Organization Description - Hospice care utilizes a team approach to providing comfort and care to individuals with terminal illness.
Volunteer Opportunities - Office volunteers: assist with filing of medical records, mailings, data entry, telephone support. 
Hours of Operation - Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm
Contact Person - Ida Vernay, Coordinator of Volunteer Services or
Tina Eisenman, Clinical Manager
Telephone Number 818.779-0120
Email - ida.vernay@providence.org
Website - www.trinitycarehospice.org
Additional Comments - Students need to fill out an application, get a TB test, drug test, and attend an IDG meeting, which is held every Thursday at 1:30pm. Training consists of home study, and one on one with volunteer coordinator.