Clubs & Organization Forms

Many processes for Clubs have been updated as of Fall 2017 please read over instructions carefully below:  
Event/Program Forms
Date and Time:
  • Consult Academic and College Events Calendar, Club Members and Advisor(s)
  • Consider dates and times that work best for your target audience
  • Submit: Event to College Events Calendar  
    • Create/log-in to a College Event's Calendar account
    • Click on “Log-in” in the upper right hand corner
    • Click on “Get Started”
    • Only use COC information (i.e. COC/Club Email address, Advisors Office number) NO PERSONAL INFORMATION
    • What is requested MUST BE APRROVED by a CLUB ADVISOR before it's posted
  • Class Room: Advisor must ask the Dean of their Department
  • Student Center Room 128 or 129: E-mail or advisor can reserve through their   Outlook Calendar - Calendar names are STCN 128 and STCN 129
  • Any Other Locations - Flag Pole, Seco Alcove, Honor Grove etc.


 If you need to cancel an event, you MUST EMAIL the following information to the people specified below  or your Club could lose the privilege of reserving space and other rescues on campus in the future

  • If you will have any type or amount of food (food includes drinks) a Food Permit must be submitted
  • Food Permit MUST BE filled out AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR to EVENT DATE!!

Other Resources:

  • Popcorn Machine, Cotton Candy Machine, Snow Cone Machine or Speakers 
  • MTV-U Monitors
    • If you would like to place Club related advertisements on these monitors, you will need to fill out a "MTV-U Monitor Request" paper form that can be found and then submitted to the Student Development Office at least two weeks prior to the date you want the publicity placed on the monitors. If you have questions or concerns please contact Ronna Randall at
  • ASG Poster Room
    • All Clubs in good standing, who had participated in mandatory training, may use the poster room located in the Student Development Office with access to paint and large butcher block paper for club related publicity purposes.
    • Clubs that do not adhere to all poster room rules may lose access to that room for the remainder of the year. Rules will be provided before access is given to your club. If you have questions or concerns regarding the poster room please contact Jess Love at  
Paperwork for 2018 - 2019
To keep ACTIVE CLUB STATUS for FALL 2018 forms below are due by 11:59pm on September 24th
Club Information Form​ - Student Leaders can fill out
Club Membership Roster - Student Leaders can fill out
Club Advisor Agreement - Advisors MUST fill out
Fall 2018 Submission Form: Opens 8/20/'18 & Closes 12/14/'18 
To keep ACTIVE CLUB STATUS for SPRING 2019 forms below are due by 11:59pm on March 11th 
Club Information Form​ - Student Leaders can fill out
Club Membership Roster - Student Leaders can fill out
Club Advisor Agreement - Advisors MUST fill out
Spring 2019 Submission Form: Opens 2/4/'19 & Closes 6/7/'19  

Club Account Forms and Information

Purchase Order (P.O.)

  • P.O.’s can be picked up and signed out at the Student Development Office
  • Needs to be filled out and submitted with an invoice from an approved vendor to Melinda in order to have a check cut
  • Allow up to at least two weeks to processes
  • Cash Box Request Forms can be accessed and printed off by clicking "Cash Box" above
  • Submit to Melinda Ursetta (STCN 102) for processing no less than two weeks out from your event date 
  • If at least two weeks notice is not given your club will be only be given a cashbox for your event - no money for change will be given  
  • Deposit Forms can be accessed and printed off by clicking on "Deposit Form" above
  • All checks collected must be made out to COC ASG
  •  If not occupied your Club may use the Student Development Office conference room to count your money
  • Funds will be deposited within a week/7 business days after this form and funds are submitted to Melinda Ursetta (STCN 102)
Fundraising Forms
  • Fundraising Forms can be found in the Student Development Office
  • When collecting funds to be giving to non-profit entities donors must know in writing where their donations are specifically going 
  • At least two weeks is needed to process Fundraising Forms
  • The Matching Funds Application can be accessed and printed off by clicking on "Matching Funds Application" above
  • Before filling out and submitted this application please read over the Matching Funds Policies
  • After the application is completed it must be submitted to the Vice President of the Inner Club Council at least one week prior to the ASG Senate meeting you wish to request funds at  
ASG Grant Proposals
  • More information regarding grant proposals will be shared during ICC meetings in the fall and spring semesters
  • You may contact Kelly Dapp ( or the ASG Vice President ( for more information  

Travel Forms & Information  

  • E​xcursion Request Form - Advisor must login, fill out and submit to Student Development Office no less than 3 WEEKS BEFORE TRAVLE DATE
Training Information
Chartering Forms & Information
Additional Club Forms