Arrival Time and Assembly Area for Graduates
At 6:45 a.m. on Commencement morning (June 1, 2018), graduates dressed in caps and gowns will assemble in parking lot 9B located in between the softball field and the West PE building for processional instructions.  Everyone will march directly to the Commencement exercises in a formal processional. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes for walking.   Make arrangements to leave all valuables (purses, cameras, etc) with friends or family.
There will be no assigned seating within the graduate seating sections.
NOTE: If you do not arrive on time, you will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony. In addition, because of the hectic nature of this assembly time, family and friends will NOT be allowed in the area; therefore, please ask them to refrain from being in the assembly area at this time.
Commencement is estimated to conclude by 11:00 a.m
Guest Seating
Due to the seating capacity of the Commencement site and the rules set forth by the Fire Marshal, each graduate is limited to invite six guests to the ceremony. Guests will be seated separate from the graduates and seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Seats may NOT be reserved. No guest will be permitted in the graduate seating area at any time.
Protection from the elements is extremely limited at the Commencement site. Because of these conditions, you are strongly urged to consider the health and comfort of your guests. Infants, the elderly, and others who may be adversely affected by extreme temperatures should take any necessary precautions, including wearing hats and sunscreen. In addition, such guests may watch the ceremony on a monitor which will be set up in the cafeteria located inside the Student Center.
Graduate’s Behavior
Commencement is a dignified occasion.  Participants are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.  The behavior of each graduate helps to set the tone for this important event.  Graduates are expected to stay for the entire duration of the ceremony.  Graduates are urged to use the restroom prior to the start of the ceremony.
Graduates and guests look forward to this milestone with excitement and anticipation.  For many guests, Commencement is their first visit to our campus.  The ceremony and appropriate behavior by the graduates will create positive memories for all who attend.
Guest Participation  
The College encourages you to invite guests to witness your graduation and to provide them a chance to visit the campus and see the College for themselves. It is expected that guests will be respectful to each other, the graduates, college personnel, and abide by the parameters set forth in this letter.
Guests are expected to keep all aisles clear, remain seated in the guest seating area, and to not crowd the stage at any time during the ceremony. Please alert your guests of these concerns and expectations for guest participation.
Photographers from Grad Images will be present to take pictures of the graduates as they accept their diplomas on stage. Photo proofs will be both emailed, texted, and mailed directly to each graduate’s home address. Spectators and guests will NOT be allowed to crowd the stage or aisles to take pictures during the ceremony.
Use of Cameras and Video Equipment  
For safety and security reasons, guests will NOT be permitted access to the stage area or graduate seating areas during the ceremony to photograph or videotape the event. The rules set forth by the Fire Marshal do not allow anyone to stand in or block the aisles. The College’s security personnel will escort any person doing so away from the area. There will be an official photo opportunity area located inside of the Student Center for family and friends to take pictures of graduates.
Campus Safety & Security  
The College has hired additional security personnel to be present before, during, and after the Commencement ceremony to assist with crowd control. For the safety and enjoyment of all in attendance, please remind your guests to abide by all the parameters set forth in this letter regarding keeping aisles clear, remaining seated in the guest seating area, and not crowding the stage or graduate and faculty seating areas.
All parking will be provided free of charge on Commencement Day except in staff lots and lot 12.  Students and or guests found parking in those lots may be ticketed by campus safety. Traffic may be heavy, therefore please plan to arrive early.  Graduates and guests should leave plenty of lead-time to prevent getting caught in traffic.  Any guest needing special assistance may be dropped off at the College’s circle roundabout where guests can wait to be seated until a campus representative picks them up in a golf cart to drive them to the Commencement site.  Graduates are encouraged to be dropped off in parking lot #8.
Diplomas are NOT issued at the Commencement ceremony. Diplomas for spring and summer graduates will be automatically mailed to you from the Admissions and Records Office.
Printed Programs
All participating graduates will receive Commencement programs at the ceremony. In addition, programs will be distributed to guests as they are seated prior to the beginning of the ceremony. Due to the limited supply, a single program will be given to each guest while supplies last.
Flowers & Balloons  
For guests interested in purchasing something special for their graduate, flowers, balloons, gift items, and concessions will be available for purchase outside of the Student Center located near the Commencement site, both prior to and during the ceremony. Cash transactions only will be accepted.
Restrooms, Telephones, Water  
Restrooms, public phones, water fountains, and other amenities will be available before, during, and after the Commencement ceremony.
Special Arrangements
If any additional information, special arrangements or assistance would be helpful for you or your guests, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Development at (661) 362-3142. Please contact us to make arrangements before the week of Commencement, as the Student Development staff will be busy planning the festivities that entire week.
Congratulations! The entire college community is very proud of you and your academic success. We look forward to seeing you and each of your fellow graduates at this year’s Commencement ceremony.
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