​I.C.C. Calendar - Spring 2016 

February 2016 ​Activity ​Time ​Location
​2/22/16 ​*Inter Club Council Meeting ​​​2:30pm ​​​STCN-129
March 2016 Activity   Time Location
*Club Rush
​11am-1pm ​Cafeteria
3/7/16 *Inter Club Council Meeting ​2:30pm ​STCN-129
3/9/6 *Club Rush ​11am-1pm ​Cougar Way - Canyon Country Campus
3/17/16 Deadline to Register for the Student Development Transcript Program
3/21/16 ​*Inter Club Council Meeting ​​2:30pm STCN-129
​3/31/16 *Membership Rosters Due
April 2016 Activity   Time Location
​4/11/16 ​*Inter Club Council Meeting ​2:30pm STCN-129
4/25/16 *Inter Club Council Meeting 2:30pm STCN-129
​May 2016 Activity Time Location
​5/9/16 *Inter Club Council Meeting/Club Awards  ​​2:30pm ​​STCN-129
​5/16/16 ​*Club Showcase ​11am-1pm ​Honor Grove
​5/18/16 ​*Club Showcase ​11am-1pm ​Cougar Way - Canyon Country Campus
5/26/16 Student Development Transcript Program
Verification Forms Due
Updated 5/6/16