I.C.C. Events and Activities

I.C.C. Meetings
I.C.C. meetings are held twice per month and provide an opportunity for clubs to share information about what is taking place in their club, learn about other club updates, and to learn about pertinent I.C.C. information. For a list of I.C.C. meetings, please click here​.

Clubs & Organizations Rechartering Program
At the beginning of each Fall semester, each club and organization is required to attend the Clubs & Organizations Rechartering Program. During the Clubs & Organizations Rechartering Program, information regarding the various clubs and organizations policies and procedures is covered during this session. Clubs that fail to attend the Rechartering Program may not resume active status. Any club that wishes to become active again must wait a year and go through the steps to charter their club as if it were a new club.

Club Rush/Back to School Bash
At the beginning of each semester, the Inter Club Council, in conjunction with the Associated Student Government, sponsors the Club Rush/Back to School Bash. Club Rush/Back to School Bash serves as an opportunity for students to find out more the clubs and organizations on campus and how to join.

I.C.C. Showcase
The I.C.C. hosts a Showcase event at the end of the spring semester to allow the clubs to display the accomplishments they have achieved over the semester as a way for students to learn more about the clubs on campus. This also provides an opportunity for clubs to recruit potential members for the next semester.

Clubs & Organizations Social
As a way to recognize clubs and organizations for all of their hard work during the semester, the I.C.C. hosts the Clubs & Organizations Social at the end of the Fall Semester. Awards and snack or lunch is provided..

Clubs & Organizations Awards Ceremony
Outstanding clubs and organizations are recognized at the Clubs & Organizations Awards Ceremony at the end of the Spring semester.​