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Ad Cats
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Advisor: Bianca Philippi
Ad Cats provides and promotes a better understanding of advertising and of its values; to stimulate and encourage advertising professionalism through advertising education; to apply the skills, creativity, and energy of advertising to help solve social problems; to develop the individual abilities of its members; encourage the development of future leaders in the advertising industry; and to promote fellowship and free exchange of ideas.

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Advisor: Bianca Philippi
The purpose of ADAMANT is to provide our members the means to further their professional development and personal growth through leadership opportunities, training, project participation, and more in the field of marketing.
A.L.A.S. (Association of Latino American Students)
Advisor:  Juan Buriel
(661) 362-3656
Office:  Seco Hall, Room 202F
A.L.A.S. strives for multicultural awareness and to achieve an educational, cultural, social, and political empowerment in each member.  A.L.A.S. is an organization that advocates and inspires that Latino American community at College of the Canyons by bringing awareness to the campus through the members.  The organization also allows students to create resources all throughout the school and allows for community outreach
(661) 362-3042
Office:  Mentry Hall, Room 316
Alpha Delta Nu is a national honor society.  It recognizes the academic excellence of students in the study of Associated Degree in Nursing, promotes scholarship, and encourages the pursuit of advanced degrees in nursing.
Alpha Omega
Advisor:  Victoria Leonard
(661) 362-3441
Office:  Hasley Hall, Room 334
Alpha Omega is designed to meet the unique needs of college students.  We do this through a wide variety of experiences that help college age students nurture a relationship with Christ in a loving community as they navigate the challenges of this life-stage.
American Choral Directors Association
Advisor: Lori Marie Rios
(661) 362-3675
Office: Pico Hall, Room 221
The purpose of the organization is to inspire, motivate, and create future music educators by connecting with the choral arts community.
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Ricardo Rosales
(661) 362-3597
Office: Seco Hall, Room 306B
AMSA is a student governed, national organization committed to promoting active improvement in medical education, involving its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine, assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems, and advancing the profession of medicine.

American Sign Language Club
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Advisors: Brittany Applen
(661) 362-3050
Office: Mentry Hall, Room 332
The American Sign Language (ASL) Club at College of the Canyons is dedicated to creating awareness of deafness, Deaf Culture, and American Sign Language on campus and within our community.  The ASL Club is affiliated with the American Sign Language Department and Interpreter Training Program.  The ASL Club has many activities tailored to students and community members who would like to learn ASL or would like to socialize using ASL.
Advisor: James Lorigan
(661) 362-3077
Office: Mentry Hall, Room 310
(661) 362-3651
Office: Mentry Hall, Room 125
The Art Club promotes the growth and development of student art, art appreciation, and connecting with the local art community.

Astronomy and Physics Club
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Advisor: Teresa Ciardi
(661) 362-3680
Office: Seco Hall, Room 306C
The purpose of the Astronomy and Physics Club is to promote interest in the Astronomy and Physics programs offered at the college.  We provide a fun and energetic learning environment for students through tutoring, regular meet-ups, star parties, planetarium shows, group discussions, guest speakers, and more.
Audio Apparatus Dance Crew/Hip Hop Club 
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Advisor: Carmen Dominguez
(661) 362-3116
Office: Pico Hall, Room 225
The organization focuses on the integration of dancers with different styles and musicality to synchronize and interpret the music into a performance.  The purpose of the Audio Apparatus Dance Crew, is to work as a competitive Hip Hop dance team and provide an outlet for those who want to express their love for dance.  Our organization also provides opportunities to those who want to learn more and grow as a dancer.  Our purpose also includes creating an environment where dancers can express their dancing abilities and also provide them with the opportunities to network with the dance community. 
Biology Club
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Dilek Sanver-Wang
(661) 362-3589
Office: Seco Hall, Room 202A
Advisor:  Christopher Ramey

The purpose of the Biology Club is to enhance awareness, enjoyment, teaching and learning of the natural sciences and to support natural science endeavors of the Biology Department, the campus, and our community.
Chemistry Club
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Advisor: Kathy Flynn
(661) 362-3998
Office: Aliso Lab, Room 305
The goal of the Chemistry Club is to have fun with chemistry. Activities will include demonstrations, field trips, guest speakers, and outreach. This club is associated with the American Chemical Society.

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Advisor: Robert Maxwell
(661) 362-5962
Office: Seco Hall, Room 207
Advisor:  Stan Wright
(661) 362-3889
Office:  Room Bonelli Hall, Room 324

The COC Accounting & Finance Club was established to aid in the professional development of college students actively interested in accounting, corporate finance, and other related fields.

Advisor:  Joshua Bruck
C.O.C. Culinary Club provides a fun and energetic learning environment for students, including but not limited to, exploring a variety of culinary experiences, fundraising, culinary competitions, monthly dinners to explore different cuisines, networking, and regular meet ups.
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Advisor: Ricardo Rosales
(661) 362-3597
Office: Seco Hall, Room 306B
C.H.A.M.S. is a student run organization that provides resources, personal growth, and mentoring to all those seeking a career in the allied health and medical professions.

C.O.C. Honors Club
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Advisor: Lisa Malley
(661) 362-3641
Office: Bonelli Hall, Room 325
The COC Honors Club is the co-curricular extension of the College of the Canyons Honors Program. In addition to keeping its members current on information pertaining to the program and transfer requirements, the club provides honors students with enrichment opportunities that will promote successful transfer to a four-year institution. The club encourages its members to combine academic excellence with active campus and community involvement.

C.O.C. Ice Hockey Club
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Jim Schrage
(661) 362-3222
Our club provides an opportunity for students to become better players through on and off-ice training and competition - in a very intense, yet fun, environment.
C.O.C. Speech and Debate Society
Advisor:Michael Leach
(661) 362-3654
Office: Seco Hall, Room 312C
The C.O.C. Speech and Debate Society provides students an opportunity to improve their public speaking skills by creating and presenting their own speeches in state/nationwide forensics competitions.
Advisor: Sarah Ehrsam
(661) 362-3377
Office: East P.E., Room 3
The C.O.C. Sports Medicine Club exists to provide and promote a better knowledge and understanding of the field of Sports Medicine and the career options available.  It also provides opportunities for networking which is vital to success in this field.  To be eligible for membership, students must have previously taken or be currently enrolled in KPET 210, 210L or 212.
(661) 362-3024
Office:  University Center, Room 317
The purpose of College Bible study is to provide an opportunity for students to study the Bible.
Advisor: Victoria Leonard
(661) 362-3441
Office: Hasley Hall, Room 334
The Communication Studies Club is committed to advancing the understanding of the field of Communication Studies and the career opportunities available for graduates.

Advisor: James Bible
The purpose of the Computer Science Club is to create a welcoming community for all students interested in computer science.  It is a club for general interest, as well as growth in computer related skills and professional networking.


Education Through Empowerment
Advisor:  Mary Petersen
(661) 362-5803
Office:  Hasley Hall, Room 332
The purpose of Education Through Empowerment is to provide guidance and interpersonal relationships high school students need to acheive their community and academic goals.

Office:  Aliso Lab, Room 206
The Engineering Club will serve as a supplement to the general engineering coursework and help students gain practical experience in engineering related disciplines through application.

Future Business Leaders of America
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Robert Maxwell
(661) 362-5926
Office: Seco Hall, Room 207
Stan Wright
(661) 362-3889
Office: Bonelli Hall, Room 324
Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda is an international organization of college students preparing for careers in business and business related fields.  Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.  Members will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with business leaders and members across the nation, learn vital communication skills, and compete in over 55 events demonstrating business knowledge and skills.


Future Educators Club
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Advisors:Renee Marshall
(661) 362-3731
Office: Early Childhood Building
The Future Educators Club is for all people who are interested in a career in education.  Members plan and provide workshops and activities that assist people in reaching their educational and vocational goals.  Student will meet with other students, teachers, and administrators for SCV school districts.  Members will also have the opportunity to participate in many workshops and activities to prepare them to teach.

Gamma Beta Phi
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Anne Marenco
(661) 362-3685
Office: Seco Hall, Room 303
Kathryn Coleman
Thea Alvarado
Gamma Beta Phi is a national honor service society for 2 and 4 year colleges and universities. The society promotes scholarship, service, and character.
Gay-Straight Alliance Club
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Ruth Rassool
Emily Prior
The purpose of the GSA is to lessen the isolation that LGBTQ individuals might otherwise experience by providing a sense of community and space for both LGBTQ and straight members. The GSA aims to establish a social network where member's identities are respected. By gay and straight individuals working together, GSA members can inspire equality and promote awareness of diversity.

Geography Club
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Advisor:  Mary Bates
(661) 362-5054
Office:  Boykin Hall, Room 114
Advisor:  Jason Burgdorfer

The purpose of the Geography Club is to bring Geography majors and outdoor/travel enthusiasts together in California.  The Geography Club strives to educate the community about the Earth and the diversity of the peoples that inhabit it through outdoor and cultural activities.

Grace On Campus
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Office: University Center, Room 374
Advisor: Sarah Ehrsam
(661) 362-3377
Advisor: Eric Harnish
(661) 362-3400
Office: East P.E., Room 3
Advisor:  Phil Marcellin
(661) 362-3544
Office:  West PE, Room 20
(661) 362-3373
Office:  Boykin Hall, Room 306A
Grace on Campus exists to exalt God, to encourage and edify believers and to evangelize the lost.  Our mission is to provide an avenue through which believers on campus can connect with other believers, identify areas and ways we can be purposefully involved in campus life and the lives of fellow students and encourage one another to live missionally on COC's campus.  Any COC student who has the same desire or who desires to learn more about what the Bible teaches is welcome to come.

Grad Club
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Phoebe Gimple
The Grad Club has been established to provide students seeking to pursue graduate degrees in science, medicine, and/or any other science discipline with workshops, guest speakers, demonstrations, discussions, and field trips to California universities offering graduate schools.  Our intention is to create more competitive candidates by introducing the procedures and experiences needed to enter higher education institutes.  Scholarships are also offered to active members to encourage academic achievement.

Hands on Earth Club
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Advisor: Jeannie Chari
(661) 362-3383
Office: Mentry Hall, Room 308

The purpose of Hands on Earth is to provide students with outdoor group experiences, to foster awareness of biodiversity through extracrricular sustainable practices, to provide a positive setting for the exchange of outdoor knowledge and experiences, and to educate and create in its members, an awareness, interest, and understanding of the importance of appreciating and preserving our environment.

History Club
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Advisor: Brent Riffel
(661) 362-3151
Office: Boykin Hall, Room 309
Co-Advisor:  Gregory Shrout
The History Club is a club in which students may participate in diverse history related lectures and activities as well as outside trips to historical locations.

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Advisor:  Anh Nguyen
(661) 362-3265
Office:  Student Support Center, Room 123
The International Student Association is a club that provides a place for international students to get together and share their experiences of living in the United states, their countries, and cultures.  All students of COC are welcome to join whether you're an international student or American!
Latter-Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA)
: Penny Rendich
(661) 362-3200
Office: East PE, Room 128
The purpose of the Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) is to provide an opportunity for students to meet together and discuss how to implement the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in their personal lives and through campus participation.

Advisor: Larry Schallert
(661) 362-3259
Office: Student Center, Room 122
The L.E.T.S. Club ("Lets Arase The Stigma") Club is a mental health club on campus that focuses on reducing the mental health stigmas that exist on campus as well as promoting positive attitudes.

Math Club
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Advisor: James Gilmore
(661) 362-5914
Office: Boykin Hall, Room 310
The purpose of the Math Club is to discover how math is involved in different aspects of life, to explore mathematical ideas and concepts that are not discussed in COC classes, to introduce applications of math in different fields, to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills with the help of guest speakers which may be emphasized by solving contest problems.

Model United Nations Club
Advisor: Phil Gussin
(661) 362-3708
Office: Pico Hall, Room 3708
The Model United Nations Club is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy, and the United Nations agenda.  Students role-play as diplomats representing a country in a simulated session of the United Nations.

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Rachael Houghton
(661) 362-3123
Office: Bonelli Hall, Room 318
Mary Corbett
(661) 362-3042
Office: Mentry Hall, Room 316
The National Student Nurses Association is comprised of nursing students all over the United States.  The COC chapter is represented by the students who are part of the College of the Canyons Nursing Program.  The organization involves activities such as fundraising, mentor-mentee program, and other organized events that may help nursing students get through nursing school and move forward towards their chosen career path - registered nursing. 

Parallax Photo Club
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Wendy Brill-Wynkoop
(661) 362-3318
Mentry Hall, Room 123
Advisor:  Lee White
Parallax is an organization that mobilizes students to discuss and exchange techniques, ideas, collaborations, and the general promotion of fine art photography through multiple principles and mediums.

Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society)
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Advisor: Miriam Golbert
(661) 362-5927
Office: Aliso Lab, Room 211
The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideas, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.

(661) 362-3708
Office:  Pico Hall, Room 222
The purpose of the Political Science Club is to discuss politics occurring around the world from a non-partisan point of view.

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Advisor: Deanna Riveira
(661) 362-5907
Office: Seco Hall, Room 305B
Tammy Mahan
(661) 362-5802
Office: Mentry Hall, Room 218 
Psi Beta is a national honor society for two-year community colleges. Psi Beta is committed to the development of psychology students through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service.

Psychology Club
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Advisor:Tammy Mahan
(661) 362-5802
Office: Mentry Hall, Room 212
The Psychology Club is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of psychology and highlighting career opportunities in psychology for both psychology majors and non-majors.

Advisor: Victoria Leonard
(661) 362-3441
Office: Hasley Hall, Room 334
Co-Advisor:  Lea Gilinets

The mission of the Sigma Chi Eta Honor Society is to recognize, promote, and reward excellent scholastic achievement in Communication Studies; to foster interest in and provide opportunities for exchange of ideas in the field of communication; and to explore the field for options for four-year transfer students or those entering the workforce.
Advisor:  Morgan Cole
Advisor: Phoebe Gimple
Sigma Zeta is an honors society for those in the varying studies of science and mathematics.  Devoted to the recognition of the achievements of exceptional students and the creation of a nationwide network of aspiring scientists and mathematicians.
SNAC (Student Nutrition & Wellness Advocates at COC)
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Advisor: Sheri Barke
(661) 362-3244
Office: Student Center, Room 122
SNAC is a student group committed to promoting health and wellness on campus and in the community, with a particular focus on promoting healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, and body image via education, outreach, and environmental action.

Social Issues Forum Club
Advisor: Pamela Williams-Paez
(661) 362-5904
Office: Boykin Hall, Room 101
The Social Issues Forum Club is focused on providing a forum that allows students to discuss contemporary social issues from various cultural lenses.  Through participation, members will be better prepared to identify elements of their own cultural identity and develop the skills necessary to assess and communicate with the various personalities found in multicultural environments.


Society of Professional Hispanic Engineerings (SHPE)
Advisor:  Eric Lara
(661) 362-3098
Office:  Aliso Lab, Room 114E
The chapter's objective is to create a partnership with the MESA Program and the SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) national organization, to provide services to students who are interested in the areas of math, science, engineering, and computer science.  The chapter will offer social and networking opportunities for career development, provide information about internships, scholarships, out-of-state and local conferences, guest speakers, and organize field trips to university campuses and companies.

Advisor: Anne Marenco
(661) 362-3685
Office: Seco Hall, Room 303
Co-Advisors: Thea Alvarado and Kathryn Coleman

The Sociology Club provides students with a forum to explore sociological issues. The club emphasizes the process of learning through the investigation and analysis of sociological phenomena.
Student Success Club
Advisor:  Dora Lozano
(661) 362-3273
Office:  Student Support Center, Room 117
The purpose of the Student Success Club is to inspire and motivate EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs students and club members to achieve their educational goals, to help develop leadership and communication skills for college and careers, and to inspire and motivate educational as well as social growth and understanding among all College of the Canyons students.

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Advisor: Pierre Etienne
(661) 362-3069
Office: Bonelli Hall, Room 337
Advisor:  Paty Medina

The SUMMIT International Club's goal is to teach students about different cultures and people around the world through guest speakers, food, field trips, and interaction through the college's international student population.

Advisor: Jia-Yi Cheng Levine
(661) 362-5806
Office: Hasley Hall, Room 332
TED is a club that encourages a conversation about sharing ideas to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately the world. It provides a platform for intellectual exchanges and is an open community towards inspired thinking. The club strives to create a dialogue for culturing a global perspective within its local community of Santa Clarita, California, and ultimately the world.

Video Game Programming Club
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Advisor: Chris Ferguson
(661) 362-3473
Office: Hasley Hall, Room 331
The Video Game Programming Club is a place for students who want to collaborate and learn new techniques through the medium of developing video games.
Young Entrepreneurs Club
Advisor: Steven Tannehill
(661) 362-5900

Office:  University Center, Room 277
The mission of the club is to inspire the entrepreneurial mindset in students of all academic backgrounds and majors.
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