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Active Minds
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Advisor: Larry Schallert
(661) 362-3259
Office: Student Center, Room 122
Advisor:  Gayle Freund
(661) 362-5259
Office:  Student Center, Room 122
The purpose of Active Minds is to increase the awareness of the students, faculty, and staff at College of the Canyons about issues surrounding mental health, symptoms related to mental health disorders, and mental health resources available on and off campus.
Ad Cats
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Advisor: Bianca Philippi
We are the College of the Canyons chapter of the American Advertising Federation.  As a team, we embark on various endeavors throughout the year to strengthen our knowledge of the advertising industry, sharpen our real-world skills, create great networking and internship opportunities, and many more.
Association of Latino American Students (ALAS) 
Advisor:  Juan Buriel
(661) 362-3656
Office:  Seco Hall, Room 202F
A.L.A.S. strives for multicultural awareness and to achieve an educational, cultural, social, and political empowerment in each member.  A.L.A.S. is an organization that advocates and inspires the Latino American community at College of the Canyons by bringing awareness to the campus through the members.  The organization also allows students to create resources all throughout the school and allows for community outreach
(661) 362-3042
Office:  Mentry Hall, Room 316
Advisor: Rachael Houghton
(661) 362-3123
Office: Bonelli Hall, Room 318
The objective of the Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society shall be to recognize the academic excellence of students in the study of Associate Degree Nursing.  The society shall encourage the pursuit of advance degrees in the profession of nursing as well as continuing education as a life-long professional responsibility.  Additionally, the society shall participate in the recruitment of qualified individuals into the profession of nursing.
Alpha Omega
Advisor:  Victoria Leonard
(661) 362-3441
Office:  Hasley Hall, Room 332
Alpha Omega is designed to meet the unique needs of college students.  We do this through a wide variety of experiences that help college age students nurture a relationship with Christ in a loving community as they navigate the challenges of this life-stage.
American Choral Directors Association
Advisor: Lori Marie Rios
(661) 362-3675
Office: Pico Hall, Room 221
The purpose of the organization is to inspire, motivate, and create future music educators by connecting with the choral arts community.
AMSA Website
Advisor: Ricardo Rosales
(661) 362-3597
Office: Seco Hall, Room 306B
AMSA is a student run organization committed to providing a meaningful experience for students choosing a path in the health care industry that reaches out into pre-med, pre-health, P.A., dentistry, and more.

American Sign Language Club
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Advisor: Brittany Applen
(661) 362-3050
Office: Mentry Hall, Room 332
College of the Canyons' American Sign Language Club is dedicated to promoting awareness of deafness, Deaf Culture, and American Sign Language on campus and within the community.  We try to help encourage community members and students to learn American Sign Language and participate in many activities that promote the usage of American Sign Language.  We do this by hosting on campus events and getting involved within the Deaf community.

Anthropology Club
Advisor:  Sarah Etheridge
(661) 362-3158
Office:  Towsley Hall, Room 102A
The Anthropology Club serves as a campus organization that allows any current College of the Canyons student to engage in campus and community events that promote anthropological tenets.  The club engages students in community service projects, field trips, archaeological digs, lecture series, and other events that show them the use of anthropology outside of the classroom.


Armenian Students Association
Ruzanna Baytaryan
(661) 362-5916
Office:  Hasley Hall, Room 341
The Armenian Students Association fosters and promotes Armenian culture and heritage to the COC community and strives to form a social and informed Armenian community within College of the Canyons.|

Art Club
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Advisor:  Michael McCaffrey
(661) 362-3651
Office: Mentry Hall, Room 127
The Art Club is a student run organization that aims to exchange ideas about art and engender a community for our members while creating art and participating in events that will expand their capabilities and allow them to grow.

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Advisor:  Claudia Acosta
(661) 362-3530
Office:  Mentry Hall, Room 339
A.S.U.L. is a student organization dedicated to unification of students through educational, cultural, and social aspects of COC while appreciating the Hispano American community.
Astronomy and Physics Club
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Advisor: Teresa Ciardi
(661) 362-3680
Office: Mentry Hall, Room 228
The Astronomy and Physics Club is a club that appreciates the wonders of physics and astronomy!  It also dedicates itself to helping students discover more about these subjects and provides opportunities to visit companies that use these principles for their projects.
Audio Apparatus Dance Crew/Hip Hop Club 
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Advisor: Carmen Dominguez
(661) 362-3116
Office: Pico Hall, Room 225
The organization focuses on the integration of dancers with different styles and musicality to synchronize and interpret the music into a performance.  The purpose of the Audio Apparatus Dance Crew is to work as a competitive Hip Hop dance team and provide an outlet for those who want to express their love for dance.  Our organization also provides opportunities to those who want to learn more and grow as a dancer.  Our purpose also includes creating an environment where dancers can express their dancing abilities and also provide them with the opportunities to network with the dance community. 
Biology Club
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Dilek Sanver-Wang
(661) 362-3589
Office: Seco Hall, Room 202A
Advisor:  Christopher Ramey

The purpose of the Biology Club is to enhance awareness, enjoyment, teaching and learning of the natural sciences, and to support natural science endeavors of the Biology Department, the campus, and our community.
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Advisor: Consuelo Beecher
(661) 362-3290
Office: Seco Hall, Room 306F
The goal of the Chemistry Club is to have fun with chemistry. Activities will include demonstrations, field trips, guest speakers, and outreach. This club is associated with the American Chemical Society.
Civic Engagement Club
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Advisor: Juan Buriel
(661) 362-3656
Office:  Seco Hall, Room 202F
The Civic Engagement Club is dedicated to reaching out to local communities by instilling advocacy, education, and reform.  The goal of the club is to network with others to form mental and moral support by means of leadership to those in need. The organization serves to work toward a greater sense of purpose and impact meaningful change in our community as well as in the members.

C.O.C. Association of Computing Machinery
Advisor: Ron McFarland
(661) 362-3408
Office: Mentry Hall, Room 235
The Association of Computing Machinery Club is for students to explore their imagination and creativity through the use of computer programming.
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Advisor: Robert Maxwell
(661) 362-5962
Office: Seco Hall, Room 207
Advisor:  Stan Wright
(661) 362-3889
Office:  Room Bonelli Hall, Room 324

The COC Accounting & Finance Club was established to aid in the professional development of college students actively interested in accounting, corporate finance, and other related fields.
C.O.C. Honors Club
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Advisor: Mary Powell
(661) 259-3162
Office: Seco Hall, Room 312B
The COC Honors Club is the co-curricular extension of the College of the Canyons Honors Program. In addition to keeping its members current on information pertaining to the program and transfer requirements, the club provides honors students with enrichment opportunities that will promote successful transfer to a four-year institution. The club encourages its members to combine academic excellence with active campus and community involvement.

C.O.C. Red Cross Club
Advisor: Tina Rorick
(661) 362-3996
Bonelli Hall, Room 318
The C.O.C. Red Cross Club will empower students and faculty with Red Cross knowledge and life saving skills to best prepare themselves and their school to respond to any emergency.
The COC Songwriting Club brings fellow musicians together who wish to collaborate, write, and explore different genres of music together as a group. Our goal is to produce new music as a team as well as perform and learn about the business side of the music industry.
C.O.C. Speech and Debate Society
Advisor:Michael Leach
(661) 362-3654
Office: Hasley Hall, Room 332
The C.O.C. Speech and Debate Society provides students an opportunity to improve their public speaking skills by creating and presenting their own speeches in state/nationwide forensics competitions.
Advisor: Sarah Ehrsam
(661) 362-3377
Office: East P.E., Room 3
As members of the C.O.C. Sports Medicine Club, our mission is to provide and promote a better knowledge and understanding of the field of sports medicine and the career options available.  Our club also provides opportunities for networking which is vital to success in this field. In order to be eligible, members must have previously taken or be currently enrolled in KPET 210, 210L, and 212.
Comedy Improv Club
Advisor: Sheldon Helfing
(661) 362-5884
Office:  Hasley Hall, Room 347
The Comedy Improv Club serves as a means for students to grow through comedy and performance, while gaining communication and interpersonal skills.
Advisor: Victoria Leonard
(661) 362-3441
Office: Hasley Hall, Room 332
Advisor:  Adam
The Communication Studies Club is committed to advancing the understanding of the field of Communication Studies and the career opportunities available for graduates.

Advisor: James Bible
The purpose of the Computer Science Club is to create a welcoming community for all students interested in computer science.  It is a club for general interest, as well as growth in computer related skills and professional networking.


Cougar Classics
Advisor:  Morgan Cole
(661) 362-3571
Office:  Seco Hall, Room 305

Cougar Classics is a classic car club for any students who own or are interested in cars or other vehicles which they consider a classic.


Office:  Aliso Lab, Room 206
The Engineering Club will serve as a supplement to the general engineering coursework and help students gain practical experience in engineering related disciplines through application.
Advisor: Ron Mita
(661) 305-0202
The Film Club offers opportunities for interested students to collaborate and learn all aspects of filmmaking.

(661) 362-5926
Office: Seco Hall, Room 207
Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda is an international organization of college students preparing for careers in business and business related fields.  Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.  Members will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with business leaders and members across the nation, learn vital communication skills, and compete in over 55 events demonstrating business knowledge and skills.
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Advisors: Renee Marshall
(661) 362-3731
Office: Early Childhood Building
The Future Educators Club is for all students who are interested in a career in education.  Club members plan and provide workshops and activities that assist students in reaching their educational and vocational goals.

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Anne Marenco
(661) 362-3685
Office: Seco Hall, Room 303
Kimberly Bonfiglio
(626) 840-0374
Brandon Harris
(323) 559-8390
The Gamma Beta Phi Society is an honors society that places an emphasis on volunteer work towards the community.  We help students make friendly connections all the while providing them with opportunities to get involved in the community.
Gay-Straight Alliance Club
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Emily Prior
Giana Cicchelli
The purpose of the GSA is to lessen the isolation that LGBTQ individuals might otherwise experience by providing a sense of community and space for both LGBTQ and straight members. The GSA aims to establish a social network where member's identities are respected. By gay and straight individuals working together, GSA members can inspire equality and promote awareness of diversity.

Geography Club
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Advisor:  Mary Bates
(661) 362-5054
Office:  Boykin Hall, Room 114
Advisor:  Jason
The purpose of the Geography Club is to bring Geography majors and outdoor/travel enthusiasts together in California.  The Geography Club strives to educate the community about the Earth and the diversity of the peoples that inhabit it through outdoor and cultural activities.


Geology Club
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AdvisorJason Burgdorfer
Advisor: Jenni Pavia
The Geology Club at College of the Canyons brings together students, and people of like minds, more specifically in the earth Sciences, for the better understanding and appreciation of geology in our everyday lives.


Hands on Earth Club
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Advisor: Jeannie Chari
(661) 362-3383
Office: Mentry Hall, Room 308

The purpose of Hands on Earth is to provide students with outdoor group experiences, to foster awareness of biodiversity through extracurricular sustainable practices, to provide a positive setting for the exchange of outdoor knowledge and experiences, and to educate and create in its members, an awareness, interest, and understanding of the importance of appreciating and preserving our environment.

History Club
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Advisor: Brent Riffel
(661) 362-3151
Office: Boykin Hall, Room 309
Advisor:  Gregory
The History Club provides educational and social opportunities for students through themed discussions and historically themed events.
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Advisor:  Graciela Martinez
(661) 362-3456
Office:  Student Support Center, Room 118
The purpose of the K.E.E. Club is to assist students who are striving to improve their future, who want to provide productive activities for themselves and their family, and to provide a community for students with similar circumstances.
Office:  Boykin Hall, Room 310
The purpose of the Math Club is to discover how math is involved in different aspects of life, to explore mathematical ideas and concepts that are not discussed in COC classes, to introduce applications of math in different fields, to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills with the help of guest speakers which may be emphasized by solving contest problems.
M.E.A. Premiere Club
(661) 362-5038
Office:  Mentry Hall, Room 220
The M.E.A. Premiere Club supports COC students pursuing careers in the Arts, Media and Entertainment industries, with the support and cooperation of the Media Entertainment Arts Department.
Advisor: Phil Gussin
(661) 362-3708
Office: Pico Hall, Room 222
The Model United Nations Club offers students the opportunity to simulate the work of the United Nations and its various agencies.  The club engages students in independent research, active learning, simulated diplomacy, and bargaining and negotiations in a multilateral international context.  The course emphasizes extemporaneous speaking and experiential learning.  Student will gain practical experience in international politics.
Advisor: Tracy Taris
(818) 618-2061
Recognizing the reality of the modern day slavery, "MyGenMyFight", desires to educate others of the atrocities of human trafficking. Students and faculty will have a unique opportunity to be a voice for the voiceless. This is our generation, this is our fight.

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Advisor: Tina Waller
(661) 362-3154
Office: Aliso Lab, Room 323A

Advisor: Anh Vo
(661) 362-3702
Office: Bonelli Hall, Room 338
The National Student Nurses Association is comprised of nursing students all over the United States.  The COC chapter is represented by the students who are part of the College of the Canyons Nursing Program.  The organization involves activities such as fundraising, mentor-mentee program, and other organized events that may help nursing students get through nursing school and move forward towards their chosen career path - registered nursing. 

Advisor: Diana Stanich
(661) 362-3208
Office:  East PE, Room 124
Advisor:  Rena Bailey-Barrett
The club is an all inclusive dance club focused on dance performance and technique.
Parallax Photo Club
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Wendy Brill-Wynkoop
(661) 362-3318
Mentry Hall, Room 123
Advisor:  Lee White
The Parallax Photo Club provides opportunities for students to learn about different forms and paths of photography, outside of class through guest lectures and various outings, such as talking tours, gallery visits, and portfolio reviews.


Phi Theta Kappa - Honor Society
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Advisor: Miriam Golbert
(661) 362-5927
Office: Aliso Lab, Room 211
The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideas, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.
Physician Assistant Student Club
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Advisor:  Anesheh Gharabighi
The Physician Assistant Student Club is organized of pre-Physician Assistant students who share the same goal of working in health care.  Our goal is to build a community of Physician Assistant students and provide guidance towards becoming a physician assistant.

(661) 362-3708
Office:  Pico Hall, Room 222
The Political Science Club brings students together who share a common interest in the world of politics.  Our organization strives to create an interrelationship between political studies as well as political life going on our world and how it relates and affects us as a whole. 

Psi Beta - Psychology Honor Society  
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Advisor: Deanna Riveira
(661) 362-5907
Office: Seco Hall, Room 305E
Psi Beta is a national honor society for two-year community colleges. Psi Beta is committed to the development of psychology students through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service.

Psychology Club
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Advisor: Deanna Riveira
(661) 362-5907
Office: Seco Hall, Room 305E

The Psychology Club is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of psychology and highlighting career opportunities in psychology for both psychology majors and non-majors.

Advisor: Victoria Leonard
(661) 362-3441
Office: Hasley Hall, Room 332
Advisor:  Adam
The mission of the Sigma Chi Eta Honor Society is to recognize, promote, and reward excellent scholastic achievement in Communication Studies; to foster interest in and provide opportunities for exchange of ideas in the field of communication; and to explore the field for options for four-year transfer students or those entering the workforce.
Advisor:  Ruth Rassool
Advisor:  Juan Buriel
(661) 362-3656
Office:  Seco Hall, Room 202F

The purpose of Sigma Kappa Delta is to gather around the common interest of English in literature both past and present.  The club strives to keep abreast of literary news and developments, give students an opportunity to share literary ideas and criticism, and student and present the different options of universities and California State Universities English programs to aid the transfer process for English majors.
Advisor:  Morgan Cole
Advisor: Phoebe Gimple
Sigma Zeta is an honors society for those in the varying studies of science and mathematics.  Devoted to the recognition of the achievements of exceptional students and the creation of a nationwide network of aspiring scientists and mathematicians.
Student Nutrition & Wellness Advocates (SNAC)  
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Advisor: Sheri Barke
(661) 362-3244
Office: Student Center, Room 122
SNAC is a student group committed to promoting health and wellness on campus and in the community, with a particular focus on promoting healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, and body image via education, outreach, and environmental action.


Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers (SHPE)
Advisor:  Eric Lara
(661) 362-3098
Office:  Aliso Lab, Room 114E
The chapter's mission focuses on the collaboration of its members in the science, technical, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines, providing access to opportunities and support with the goal to enhance all students' academic, professional, and leadership development.

Sociology Club
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Advisor: Anne Marenco
(661) 362-3685
Office: Seco Hall, Room 303
Co-Advisors: Thea Alvarado and Kathryn Coleman

The Sociology Club provides an environment outside of the classroom where students who enjoy sociology are able to come together and discuss social issues and current events


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Advisor:  Sylvia Tran
(661) 362-3016
Office:  X-9

The purpose of the Military Club is to educate veterans, dependents, service members, and anyone interested in VA benefits, social and professional networking, and create a community of support for all military related groups.


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