Student Development Transcript Program - FORMS

The process for the Student Development Transcript Program have recently been updated as of Fall 2017 please read over  the below instructions carefully:

What is the Student Development Transcript Program?
The Student Development Transcript Program (SDTP) offers students the opportunity to maintain an official record of their involvement in co-curricular activities. When applying for scholarships, jobs, and/or admission to colleges and universities that they wish to transfer to, students are able to supplement their record of academic achievements with the addition of their Student Development Transcript. The Student Development Transcript is able to reflect a student's interests and achievements outside of the classroom, including volunteer work experience, team and intramural sports activities, leadership positions, involvement in student government and clubs, as well as other campus involvement activities.
Important Updates for Fall 2017!
There is now only ONE form that students need to fill out FOUR WEEKS before the end of each semester in order to get credit for the co-curricular activities they are involved in each semester.
The new Student Development Transcript Submission Form will go live here starting October 1st, 2017 for the Fall semester and March 1st, 2018 for Spring semester.
Fall 2017 Submission Form - Due 11/17/'17