Testing Information for Faculty​


The Exam Information Form assists TLC staff in maintaining the academic integrity of your exams and is needed for all exams submitted for proctoring in TLC. You may access this form here and email the form and examination to TLCTestProctor@canyons.edu, and we also welcome you to bring the materials in person to LTLC-126 during business hours. If you need to have one of your students take an exam in The Learning Center, please provide enough test copies for all students expected. Also, please clearly designate the amount of time allowed for your student, including DSPS accommodations (i.e 1.5 hours, not 1 hour plus 50%).  For single exams, you may email all mathematics exams to Mary Williams (Brunty), and all other exams to TLCTestProctor@Canyons.edu. For any questions or concerns, please call Mary at 661-362-3345 regarding Math exams, or the testing staff at 661-362-3194 for all other exams. Exams will be returned to the switchboard Monday through Thursday during regular business hours the day after the exam was completed. 



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Browsers like Firefox and Chrome have the ability to open basic pdf’s without reader, which can be problematic with forms.  Forms require a more fully functional pdf viewer, like Adobe reader. If you are having difficulty, please make sure you are opening the pdf with Adobe Reader. You will need to fill out the form, save it, and upload it as an email attachment. For those of you who are unable to save the form and type on it, right click on the form link, choose "save as", and save it to your desktop that way. Any problems you are experiencing are not with the form - they will be with the PDF reader you are using, or the browser. If you experience technical difficulties, please call extension 3953 or email helpdesk@canyons.edu. Exams will not be administered without the form to insure academic integrity.


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Examination Instructions for Faculty
The Learning Center (TLC) offers a variety of testing venues to meet student and faculty needs. Testing rooms are available for make-up exams, DSPS accommodations, and exams on the computer. To best serve students enrolled in face-to-face classes who need to complete exams in The Learning Center (TLC) and to ensure that TLC continues to provide a secure testing environment, we request that students follow specific testing guidelines and procedures.
Once students have made arrangements with their instructor to take an exam in TLC , the instructor will need to provide TLC with the examination as well as any exam proctoring instructions. Please advise students to be prepared to present photo identification upon checking in with the testing clerk. When or if students are unable to present photo identification prior to taking an exam, they will be asked to obtain the appropriate identification and to return. Additionally, students are only permitted to take testing materials (those specified by the instructor) into the testing facility; therefore, students should be prepared to leave all personal property, including cell phones, books, backpacks, bags, and other electronic devices in designated lockers for the duration of the exam.
When making exam arrangements with students, please inquire about any testing accommodations they may require, and inform TLC, so staff can ensure that the students’ needs are met; TLC is only able to provide students with accommodations if the instructor has included the student’s accommodation information on the Examination Information Form. TLC provides test proctoring services on the Valencia campus during Spring and Fall semesters from 8am-8pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-1pm on Friday and Saturday. Winter and Summer Hours:  Monday and  Thursday from 9am-5pm and Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am-7pm. Check TLC's main page for CCC testing hours.  Students taking exams for online courses will need to be prepared to take their exam at the Valencia Campus.  Students must arrive in enough time to complete their exam before closing.
Proctoring for Online Classes (Valencia Campus Only)
All of the above instructions apply for instructors utilizing TLC for proctoring services for their online classes; however, students are required to make an appointment online at least 48 hours  in advance as space is limited. Please be aware that the time frame is 48 full hours, not just two days.  Please call 661-362-3194 if you have any questions. Arrangements for proctoring at alternate locations is a 7-10 business day time frame, so due to time constraints in winter and summer semesters, students should plan to take their examination at TLC on the Valencia campus.
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