Information for COC Students

Paper exams

Students need to make arrangements with their instructor in order to have their exam sent to TLC’s Testing Center. The Testing Center will not change exam instructions at the student’s request; students should communicate all testing needs with their instructor prior to arriving for their exam.


Online exams

Online classes sometimes require students to take their exams at the Testing Center. Students should read their online class syllabus carefully for specific exam instructions. If an exam must be taken at the Testing Center, students are required to schedule their own appointments at least 24 hours in advance of their desired testing time. Refer to COC Online Exams for more information on scheduling online exam appointments.


Testing requirements

  • Valid photo ID - Students must bring their COC ID card or another form of valid photo ID in order to take their exam (a valid ID includes a name and picture, and is not expired). If a student does not provide a valid ID they will not be permitted to take their exam – no exceptions.
  • Arrive on time – Students taking a paper exam will not be permitted to start their exam within one hour before the TLC closes. Exam deadlines and time limits will vary; it is the student’s responsibility to leave themselves enough time to complete their exam. Students taking an online exam must have an appointment and arrive on time; late arrivals will be considered a “no show” after 15 minutes and will have to reschedule.
  • Be prepared – Students should bring any testing supplies that are required and/or allowed by their instructor. The Testing Center does not provide Scantrons or Blue Books.


Testing policies

  • Unauthorized materials (including cell phones and smart watches) are not allowed in the testing room.
  • Utilization of the computer for any reason other than to access an exam is not permitted, unless authorized by an instructor.
  • Unscheduled breaks (including restroom breaks) are not permitted.
  • Student activity and computer use in the testing room are monitored at all times.