BYU Exams

Students taking exams through BYU may choose College of the Canyons as the proctoring location. Students are welcome to utilize The Learning Center for these exams and do not have to be students registered for classes at COC. Keep in mind that when ordering exams through BYU, it will take 7-10 business days for the exam to arrive at TLC. Please keep deadlines for examination completion in mind. If time is of the essence, BYU allows for expedited shipping at the student’s expense. If the exam is sent overnight, it will arrive at TLC in two business days. Also be aware that though students may have a specified time to complete the entire class (i.e. one year), some examinations have specific deadlines that do not coincide with class completion. All expired exams are returned to BYU. Finally, students must make an appointment to have their exam proctored. No exceptions. Students without an appointment will not be offered an opportunity to take an exam, and a picture identification is required. Please call 661-362-3194 to make your appointment.

Exams for Students from Other Institutions

Exam proctoring for students from other institutions is offered on a limited basis only during fall and spring semesters and is closed during summer and winter intersessions.


Questions?  Please email or call 661-362-3194.