Information for COC Faculty 

Submitting Paper Exams
An Exam Instructions sheet must be included with all paper exams (downloadable forms are below). Exams with a missing or incomplete Exam Instructions sheet cannot be administered.
  • Drop off at the Testing Center – Exams can be dropped off any time during operating hours. Exam Instructions sheets will be available to fill out at the Testing Center
  • Email – Exams can be submitted via email to Include the exam and Exam Instructions sheet as a Word or PDF attachment to be printed at the Testing Center. Note: the Testing Center does not have the resources to print more than 3 exams per instructor per day. If more printing is required exams must be dropped off at the Testing Center or submitted to Reprographics for pick up instead.
  • Reprographics - Exams can be picked up from the Reprographics department in cases of larger print orders. Email to notify the testing staff that a Reprographics order is ready at least one business day in advance of the student’s desired testing time to allow time for pick up.
  • Mailroom – Exams can be left in TLC’s department mailbox at the mailroom. TLC’s mailbox is checked every business day before 12:00 PM; exams submitted on the same morning of a student’s desired testing time should be emailed or dropped off at the Testing Center instead.

If submitting exams via email, please fill out the Exam Instructions sheet in Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word and save all changes before adding it as an attachment. Contact the Help Desk at (661) 362-3953 or if there are any technical issues.


Exam Return

Instructors should mark their exam return preference in the dedicated section of the Exam Instructions sheet.

  • Pick up at the Testing Center – Completed exams can be held at the Testing Center for instructor pick up. Any exams that are not picked up by the last day of the semester will be returned to the instructor’s mailbox at the Mailroom.
  • Pick up at the Mailroom – Completed exams can be delivered to the instructor’s mailbox at the Mailroom. Exams are returned around 12:00 PM one business day after they are completed.


Submitting Online Exams (Valencia campus only)

Instructors should email at the beginning of any semester they plan on using the Testing Center for proctored online exams. Emails should include:

  • Exam dates – The dates the exam(s) will be available to students.
  • Exam passwords – The password(s) required to start each exam. Passwords are never shared with students and will only be entered by testing staff.

Note: Advanced notice is required for all exams that will utilize a computer, whether they are for one student or an entire class. Instructors of traditional classes offering Canvas exams or paper exams requiring the assistance of computer software are also required to notify the testing staff of exam dates and passwords.

Please inform students that they are required to schedule their own online testing appointments at least 24 hours in advance of their desired testing time.


Testing Center Contacts and Locations

Valencia campus​: Canyon Country campus:
​Building LTLC
(661) 661) 362-3194​
Room 305A
(661) 362-3857​