Are you in a class enrolled in online tutoring? Do you have a quick question regarding English, Humanities, or Social Sciences?
If you do, you can go to Webex.com, where a tutor is available during TLC's hours of operation.  Whether it is a quick question about citation, grammar, or reference, a tutor can help!  Follow the steps below:
1. Once in WebEx, click "Join" on the upper right corner. 
2. Insert the meeting number (see below), your name, and email address. 
3. On next screen, click on the bottom center "Run a temporary application". You may also save and download WebEx to have quicker access in the future.
4. A new window will open with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, titled "TLC Tutor Generic's Personal Room". Click "Chat" on the upper right hand corner and type in your comments or questions in the box on the bottom right corner under "Send To: TLC Tutor Generic (Host & Presenter)". A tutor should respond shortly.

 Meeting Number: 
English, Humanities, and Social Sciences- 920 310 408
Remember, tutor chat is available for quick questions only.  If you are in need of having an essay reviewed, please use the online tutoring service through Canvas to submit your paper to a tutor: