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Tutoring Schedules - Summer 2014
 (June 16th-August 21st)

Going to college involves more than just showing up to class. In a typical class most of the work is done outside of the classroom: homework, group projects, test preparation, and papers. At College of the Canyons there is a place on campus that can help every step of the way, The Learning Center (TLC). TLC offers tutoring in English, math, CIT, and many other subjects. These services are available to enrolled College of the Canyons’ students for their COC courses on a walk-in basis at no charge. No appointment is needed. Student Identification is required for all students who wish to utilize services in The Learning Center (TLC), in both the Valencia and Canyon Country Campus. Student ID may be obtained in the office of Student Development, STNC 102.
* COC Student ID cards are required to access all TLC activities, including tutoring *

Humanities, Social Sciences, and Modern Languages
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Subject ​Monday ​Tuesday Wednesday​ Thursday​ Friday​ Saturday​
English/Writing for any class​ 9am to 7pm
9am-7pm 9am-7pm 9am-7pm x x
Paralegal and Political Science X 10am-6pm CCC X x X x
Philosophy x X X x x X
Psychology x x x x x x
Sociology x 9am - 2pm 11am-6pm 11am-6pm X X

10am-6pm CCC and

12pm-5:30pm VLC

x x
ASL x x x x X x
French x x x x x
German x x x x X X
​Spanish x x x x x ​X
​Communications x​ x ​x x x​ x​
Health​ and Kinesiology x x x x ​x x​

 Math, Science, and Engineering
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*Many math tutors are qualified to tutor Chemistry and Biology, so even if you can't make it during a dedicated and scheduled 
Chemistry or Biology time slot, please feel free to come in during any of our open hours.
​Subject ​Monday ​Tuesday Wednesday​ Thursday​ Friday​ Saturday​
​Math & Statistics 9am to 7pm 9am to 7pm 9am to 7pm 9am to 7pm x x
​Accounting/Business Math x
​Physics/Engineering x
x x
x​ x​
Econ 201 & 202
x​ x x​ x
x​ x​
​Biology 106 & 107 x x x x x x
Chemistry & Microbiology x x ​x ​x ​x x​
​Chem 201 & 202 x x x x x x
​Chem & O'Chem
x x x x x x​
Computer and CIT
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Subject​ Monday​ Tuesday​ ​Wednesday Thursday​ Friday​ ​Saturday
​CIT 101/140/MS Suites 9am to 7pm 9am to 7pm 9am to 7pm 9am to 7pm x x
Visual Basic​ and Java x x x
x x​ x​
C and C++​ x
x x x ​x x
​JavaScript and PHP x x
x x​ x
​GMD - Photoshop x x
x x x
​GMD - Flash and Dreamweaver x​ x x
x x​ x
​Quickbooks x
​x x x x​ x​
​HTML & Web Design ​x x x x x x




Requests are forwarded to tutors.  If someone is available, they will contact you directly. Keep in mind that TLC does not provide tutoring for the general public, and it is at the individual tutor's discretion whether or not they are able to take on a private tutoring opportunity.  Time frames may vary, and there are no guarantees of interest.