How do I get copies made?
Where do I get keys?      
My computer is acting funny!
How do I get my phone messages?
So many questions; who do you call?
Actually, if you are a newly-hired faculty member, or even a seasoned adjunct who has just been hired full-time, you simply attend the  COC New Faculty Orientation, given during Flex Week each semester.
New Faculty Orientation is designed to give new teachers a “feel” for how things are done at COC. Presenters from Admissions/Records, The Academic Senate, HR, and other campus programs and departments help the newcomers become acclimated to our college and its systems.
In addition to the “nuts and bolts,” New Faculty Orientation  presentations address issues within the teaching profession, on topics generated from the new faculty. These discussions are often continued during the semester by having lunch-hour “Table-Top” discussions allowing  everyone to share ideas and practices about our chosen profession.
New faculty members are also given the opportunity to take advantage of COC’s  Faculty Mentoring Program. Each faculty member wishing to participate in the Mentoring Program will be matched with  a more experienced colleague, who will guide him or her through the their first year at COC.
The Mentoring  Program was instituted  formally in the 2001-2002 school year. Fourteen faculty members participated, and the program is off to a promising start.
For information about  the New Faculty Orientation/Mentoring Program at COC, call or email:
   Fred D’Astoli, Coordinator
   (661) 362-3710