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Class Schedule

To search for sections for winter and sping 2016, click the link below:
To search for sections for fall 2015, click the link below:
How to search for late start fall 2015 classes:
1.       Click on Search for Fall 2015 Course Sections.
2.       Click on Advanced Search.
3.       Enter today’s day for “Starts on or after” date. For "End date", use no later than 12/30/15.  
4.       Click submit. 
Winter and Spring 2016 registration dates are available on your My Canyons account now. Registration for winter is between November 9 and through the month of December. Spring registration begins January 4 and continues through the month of January. 
Winter Term: January 4- Feburary 6, 2016

Spring Term: February 8- June 2, 2016

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