To qualify for in state fees, a student needs to meet both requirements of residency. These requirements are intent to make California your home and being physically and continuously present for a year and a day prior to the residency determination date for the semester in which the student is planning to attend.  You may satisfy these requirements of residency by choosing one of the options below:
1.     Provide the Residency Affidavit questionnaire and your parents’ 2018 California Income taxes indicating that you are their legal dependent as well as a copy of either parents’ California driver’s license that meets the year and one day residency requirement. If you filed 2018 California taxes you can provide them along with your California driver’s license that meets the year and one day residency requirement; or
2.    You are able to reclassify under AB-540 if you attended a California high school for at least three years and graduated from a California High School.  We will need  official High School Transcripts, the Residency Affidavit Questionnaire, and the California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Form;  or
3.    If you attended an out of state school and you were classified as a nonresident and paid nonresident fees, we will need such Verification from the out of state school, the Residency Affidavit, and two other California documents from the list that is provided in the Residency packet.     

Please note that we are unable to reclassify you as California resident without the Residency questionnaire and documentation.   Once a student is classified as a nonresident student, California State Auditors require that we attach to the student’s application the Residency questionnaire and supporting documentation that indicates the student qualifies for in state fees.   You will also need to process your residency reclassification before your registration date as fees are due upon registration. 
Please submit your documentation as follows:
Scan and email to: residency@canyons.edu



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