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​​2013 Winners
Adrienna Kinsella Life Imitates Art Jonathan Blake Heely, Jr. Mechanical Man
Pablo Cevallos Three Horses Guillermina Zuniga Apple Tree
Lee Oscar Gomez View of My TLR James Kelly Goose
Trevor Ott Rebirth - Self Portrait

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Juan Buriel
Carmen Dominguez
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 Student Art Collection - Mission Statement
To promote student excellence in the visual arts at College of the Canyons, while enriching the environment in District facilities.

The college of the Canyons Student Art collection team endeavors to create an ongoing program which would allow the Santa Clarita Community College District students to submit their artworks for competition to be included in a district art collection. The chosen artworks would become part of the Santa Clarita Community College Districts’ permanent art collection, and thereafter, displayed at the Valencia Campus, Canyon Country campus and future district facilities.


Student success and growth is achieved by the practical, real-life experience of submitting their artwork for award consideration and possible inclusion in the district art collection.


  • Students are awarded a monetary prize and certificate of accomplishment that will:


§  Instill a sense of value to their work.
§  Encourage participation in this process.
§  May be used as a transcript/resume entry. 
·         To create goodwill between students, college community and the community at large by acquiring art for the district with the intent of building a historical collection over time. 
·         Enhance district facilities while developing a sense of place and connection to the college. 
·         Ultimately display the student art collection in all district facilities.
Student Art Collection – Executive Summary
As the Santa Clarita Community College District (College of the Canyons) continues to expand its facilities, a need is exposed to enhance and rejuvenate them through an organized art program. This program, referred to as the Student Art Collection, address this need by providing a long term solution that embraces our students and creates a meaningful archive and lasting dialog for generations to come. Students receive a real-life, practical experience through their involvement in the Student Art Collection, while the District builds a meaningful collection of art created by the talented art students attending the college.
This is a long term and student-based program providing students an opportunity to compete on a professional level and be included in what will become an important asset for the college. Students learn the importance of presentation and professionalism, while developing the interactive skills required to become a successful artist.
The college faculty, administrators and staff participate as well by benefiting daily from the enriched visual environment provided by student artwork. This project stimulates a dialog between students, their families, and community members as well. Ultimately, the goodwill and sense of place created is the project’s greatest achievement. Students begin to feel a part of the campus in a real tangible way.