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Accessible through the College of the Canyons Web site, the online catalog will indicate what we own and where it is located in the collection. To find resources on Speech-related topics you may want to start by opening the online catalog and selecting the Subject search option. After you type in "Speeches" or “Oratory” as a subject you will see a number of books listed. Or, if there is a specific topic you are researching you may want to search it as a subject, such as “Capital punishment” The online catalog will provide you with the following information: the call number of the item, the type of material (i.e. book, video recording, DVD, pamphlet), any special location for the items (reserve room, media reserves, reference, etc.), and will tell you whether or not the item is available.


Electronic Resources

Issues and Controversies is a database that focuses on information regarding heavily debated contemporary political and social issues. Each topic is treated in an unbiased manner that presents different sides of the issue at hand. This database may help you find very valuable statistics and historical background on your topic.One may search the database by searching through the topic as seen in the example below:


Once one chooses a specific topic from the database infrmation will be provided, as seen in the example below:

One has to options of printing, saving or e-mailing the information. At the very bottom of the page a citation is provided. Note on the sidebar links one can retrieve related to the topic. There is a wealth of well-organized information that can be found on this database.  


ProQuest Direct is a database consisting of citations, abstracts and in many cases full-text articles from over ten thousand publications, including magazines, newspapers and academic journals. You may save the articles by printing them out, downloading to diskette, or emailing them to your account. Example: you are preparing a speech on nanotechnology with a focus on some of the ethical issues. From the Topics Guide page (the first screen you see when you open up ProQuest) the Advanced Search screen you might try typing Nanotechnology and ethics. The results can be seen below:







Note that you do not have your list of articles just yet. You need to click on "Search to get you results. Below you will see a list of articles that resulted after selecting Nanotechnology AND Ethics:



Note that the first three articles have a checked box next to them. This is because the articles have been marked. Marking the articles will allow on to email, ptrint or cite the articles. In the example below one can see an example of MLA citations:


ProQuest is a large database with a number of different search options. You are strongly encouraged to consult with a librarian for further assistance.


Selected Statistical Resources

Statistical Abstract of the United States: Published every year by the U.S. Census Bureau, this source contains valid statistical information on all areas of American public life. Contains statistical information from 100 government agencies

Please see a librarian to obtain passwords for the above-mentioned databases or if you have any questions regarding the information covered in this research guide.

To find out how to properly cite the information found in the above-mentioned resources, please see the page concerning MLA citation style.

Concerned about plagiarism? See this Glendale College Library page Avoiding Plagiarism.


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