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Business and Business Law Resources


Print Resources

Accessible through the College of the Canyons Web site, the online catalog will indicate what the Library owns and where the items are located in the collection. To find resources on Business law you may want to start by opening the online catalog and selecting the Subject search option. After you type in "Business" as a subject you will see a number of books listed. Or, if there is a specific company you are researching you may want to search it as a subject, such as “Microsoft Corporation.” The online catalog will provide you with the following information: the call number of the material, the type of material (i.e. book, video recording, DVD, pamphlet), any special location for the items (reserve room, media reserves, reference, etc.) and will tell you whether or not the item is available.


Electronic Resources

ProQuest Direct

ProQuest Direct is a database of citations, abstracts, and in many cases full-text articles from over 10,000 magazines, journals, and newspapers. It is available on all campus computers that have access to the World Wide Web. You also have the option of accessing the database from home by acquiring a password from the library. You may save the articles by printing them out, downloading to diskette, or emailing them to your account. You may want to use the ABI/Inform or Business modules of the database for more specialized publications. For company information select Hoover's Company Records.

Example : you are trying to find information concerning the merger between Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank. Click on the Search Methods option and select the Advanced Search. This will allow you to take advantage of the searchable fields that will retrieve more precise results.

You might try typing “Chemical Bank” and then selecting the Company field. In the next search box type “Chase Manhattan Bank” and select the Company field once more. Then type the term “merger?” in the next search box (the “?” serves as a stem which will look for both the singular and plural forms of the word.):






Business Resources on the Web

The Internet can be an incredible research tool, if you use it with care. When you are researching information on a business-related topics you will be confronted with a barrage of commercial web sites intent on selling you their products and services. One way of separating the wheat from the chaff is by going to some of the major business information portals and databases. These resources will provide you with much objective information that in many cases may be viewed free of charge. Here are some examples: - A very practical commercial Web site that contains guides on business customs, culture and etiquette for over forty countries.

CountryWatch - Contains detailed summaries on countries throughout the world, maintaining a strong focus on political and economic information (Note: a password is needed for off-campus use. Please see a librarian for this information).

Please see a librarian regarding home passwords for ProQuest or if you have any questions regarding the information covered in this research guide. To learn about how to properly cite the information found in both print and electronic resources, please see the MLA or APA research guides.

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