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Dance Resources

The Online Catalog

Accessible through the College of the Canyons Web site, the online catalog will indicate what the Library owns and where the items are located in the collection. To find resources related to Dance you may want to start by doing a subject search. This will provide a link to a listing of the many titles that are in the Library’s collection on the general subject of Dance. You also have the option of selecting from more specific topics like “Dance – California” or “Dance – Asia”.

The online catalog will provide you with the following information: the call number of the material, the type of material (i.e. book, video recording, CD), any special location for the items (reserve room, media reserves, reference, etc.) and will tell you whether or not the items are available to be checked out.

Suggested print resource:

International Encyclopedia of Dance Reference Ref GV1585 .I586 1998

Databases Available in the Library

In addition to using quality Web sites, it is also suggested that you take advantage if the Library's subscription databases. These databases are available on campus at any internet-connected computer and on off-campus computers with a password you can get from a College of the Canyons librarian or your instructors.

ProQuest Direct is a database consisting of citations, abstracts and in many cases full-text articles from over 10,000 publications, including magazines, journals and newspapers. It is available on all Web-accessible college computers and may be accessed from your home computer by acquiring a password from the library. You may save the articles by printing them out, downloading to diskette, or emailing them to your account. To find the information that is directly related to dance you may want to begin by selecting the Advanced Search option. Once you type in the term "Dance" you may either look at all of the available articles about the subject or you may narrow down your topic by combining it in the search as seen below:




Enyclopedia Britannica - The famed encyclopedia with additional full-length articles on many topics and links to relevant Web sites.


The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web can be an incredible research tool, if you use it with care. The Web has often been compared to a giant library -- but it's much closer to a giant warehouse. When using the numerous subject guides and search engines you have at your disposal, it is important to recognize the qualitative differences between them.

General Subject Guides such as those on portals like Yahoo tend to organize the information into a hierarchical structure, dividing the information into categories and subcategories. The web sites that are featured on these guides run the range from commercial sites, personal web pages, and academic pages created by college professors. Yahoo’s index makes no distinction between them.

Suggestion: go to Yahoo’s index on Dance resources. You will see over two dozen categories for web sites that concern Dance. Under the subcategory “Tango” you can view a list of links to over thirty Web sites. Again, there will be a combination of commercial, personal , and academic Web pages. It is up to you to determine the value of the resource. Some criteria to look for: what are the credentials of the person or person who has create the site? Is the Web site the creation of a noted expert or a respected organization, or is it the work of someone who is strictly a hobbyist? Any person or persons claiming to be an authority should list information about their credentials, and should also list contact information.

Please see a librarian to obtain passwords for the above-mentioned databases or if you have any questions regarding the information covered in this research guide. To learn about how to properly cite the information found in both print and electronic resources, please see the MLA or APA research guides.


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