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Print Resources

Accessible through the College of the Canyons library Web site , the online catalog will indicate what the library owns and where the items are located in the collection. To find resources on topics related to political science you may want to start by opening the online catalog and selecting the "Subject" search option. Once you have conducted your search you will see a listing of books, pamphlet, and videos that as a whole will give you with a broad perspective on the topic. The online catalog will also provide you with the following information : the call number of the item, the type of material (i.e. book, video recording, DVD, pamphlet), any special location information for the item (reserve room, media reserves, reference, etc.), and will tell you whether or not the item is available.

Selected Print Resource:


Electronic Resources

Subscription Databases in the Library

Issues and Controversies is a database that focuses on information regarding heavily debated contemporary political and social issues. Each topic is treated in an unbiased manner that presents different sides of the issue at hand. Issues and Controversies is a professional, objective resource that will provide you with an excellent introduction to your topic.

ProQuest Direct is a database consisting of citations, abstracts and in many cases full-text articles from over ten thousand publications, including magazines, journals and newspapers. It is available on all Web-accessible college computers and may be accessed from your home computer by acquiring a password from the library. You may save the articles by printing them out, downloading to diskette, or emailing them to your account. You may search for you topic by using a phrase seachn an example of which can be seen below:



Note that in the example above there were too many articles in the results. One might want to alter the search strategy by using the advanced search, as seen below:






From the results page you may mark selected articles for printing or emailing. Simply check the box next to the article title.

Please see a librarian if you have questions about using ProQuest or need the off-campus access codes for the library's databases.

The World Wide Web

There exist specialized general subject guides that have been created by subject experts such as government agency members, researchers and college professors. Utilizing these specialized guides may in many cases be your best bet for finding quality information for your research. Example:

FirstGov: a Web portal that is strictly focuses on government resources. All of the Web pages you will be linked to from this site have been created by government officials or agencies. Because your results are restricted to governmental web pages, you may want to consider using this tool when conducting political research.

Please see a librarian regarding passwords for the above-mentioned databases or if you have any questions regarding the information covered in this research guide. To learn about how to properly cite the information found in both print and electronic resources, please see the MLA or APA research guides.


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