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Using ProQuest Direct


Using ProQuest Direct

ProQuest Direct is an online periodical database that contains citations, abstracts and in many cases full-text articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers- over 10,000 publications in total. . ProQuest Direct may be used at any of the campus computer stations that have access to the World Wide Web and may be accessed from your personal computer by acquiring a password from the library.


Conducting a Search

The first screen you see when opening up ProQuest will be a search box and a list of the Subject areas. In this example we are looking for infomation on the subject of pollution:.



If you were to perform a search as is you may retrieve a great deal of results, as we can see below:


At this point it is highly important that we NARROW DOWN THE TOPIC! There are a number options to do this. One method is to use the Advanced Search

Here you may modify your search based on what your assignment requires. In the example below, if  has been specified that only articles on the topic that were published in the Los Angeles Times:


In order to see your article results, Search, which will allow you to see a list of the articles. Note that several of the articles have been marked by clicking on the box next to the number. This will allow the selected articles to be cited or email.



Resultsand emailing your results by clicking on 'Cite' at the top of your results page you will get a number of options. For example, if the assignment is for an English class you may want to use the MLA citation style:




Once selecting the citation style the results will look like this:




The Results screen displays the articles in descending order, with the most recently published article appearing first. You may also email, print and download the selected srticles  


Getting Help

You have many more options available to you when using ProQuest. Please see a librarian for further assistance or to obtain a password for off-campus use.

Note: The screen shots and their contents are published with permission of Bell & Howell Information and Learning Company. Further reproduction is prohibited without permission.


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