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Sociology Resources

Print Resources

Accessible through the College of the Canyons Web site, the online catalog will indicate what we own and where it is located in the collection. To find resources on sociology you may want to start by opening the online catalog and selecting the subject search option. After you type in "Sociology” as a subject you will see a link to a listing of 66 titles as well as links to subject matter related to sociology, such as "Communication" and "Mass society". The online catalog will provide you with the following information: the call number of the material, the type of material (i.e. book, video recording, DVD, pamphlet), any special location for the item (reserve room, media reserves, reference, etc.) and will tell you whether or not the item is available.

Some topics may be related to sociology but may overlap with other social sciences. An example would be social deviance, which is studied by psychologists as well as sociologists. If you are looking for materials on this topic you may want to try typing in "Deviant behavior" as a subject term.

Online Databases Available Through the Library

When you are conducting serious research online, you may want to take advantage of the specialized information that may be found in the Library’s subscription databases. All of the databases may be used at any computer lab on campus and can be accessed at your home computer by obtaining passwords from a librarian.

ProQuest Direct is an online database consisting of citations, abstracts and in many cases full-text articles from over ten thousand publications, including magazines, newspapers and academic journals. The articles may be printed out, downloaded to an external drive, or emailed to your personal account. You have different options for searching, including the Topic guide (the default page when you open the database) for more simple searching and the "Advanced Search", which allows you to combine different types of searchable fields together. You also have the option of viewing only publications that contain articles that are Peer reviewed. This means that all of the articles must go through a process of approval by a board consisting of academic researchers. Below is a search for articles on the subject of deviant behavior. Note that 'psychology' has been excluded from the results, since including the term may result in to many results unrelated to sociology. An example of an advanced search can be seen below:





Once the search strategy has been clarified, the search can be submitted. From the example seen below you will see the article results. Note that the relevant articles has been marked, meaning that you will be able to email the article and format the citations.






Issues and Controversies is a database that focuses on information regarding heavily debated contemporary political and social issues. Each topic is treated in an unbiased manner that presents different sides of the issue at hand. This database may help you find very valuable statistics and historical background on your topic. By selecting Access All Topics, will retrieve the most derailed results.















From Issues and Controversies you can often retrieve a very helpful issue summary of your topic, one that will often contain statistics and links to additional pages within the database. The information may be emailed, and a citation for APA and MLA can be seen at the bottom of the screen.


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