Cal State University Information

Transfer student requirements for Admission to a CSU:
  • Must complete 60 transferable semester units (including at least 30 units in general education)
  • All grades must be "C" or better (2.0 GPA)
Students that were ineligible to a CSU in high school must:
  • Complete all of AREA A (Communication & Critical Thinking)
  • Complete all of AREA B4 (Mathematical Concepts & Quantitative Reasoning) of the California State University Education Certification Pattern.
  • All grades must be "C" or better before transferring
  • All courses in this area have a prerequisite of intermediate algebra.
The university will accept a maximum of 70 transferable units.
Transferable courses are those designated for that purpose by the college or university offering the courses. All College of the Canyons courses numbered 100 or above in the catalog are transferable at least as electives. 
Students transferring to CSU have the option of completing the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) of the California State University General Education Certification Pattern. Students transferring
with certification of general education requirements are assured that they have met up to 39 of the 48-unit minimum requirements for the bachelor's degree. Students transferring without certification of general education must complete the pattern of courses required of "native" students, as outlined in the catalog of the particular state university. Catalogs for all CSU campuses and copies of articulation agreements, which list the College of the Canyons courses that are equivalent to lower division courses offered at many CSU campuses, are available in the Transfer Center (Room A-101 Counseling Office) and via ASSIST on the Internet.
Some majors, such as business administration, computer science and engineering may be impacted at some campuses, i.e., more applications are received during the first month of the filing period than can be accommodated. In such cases, campuses use supplementary admissions criteria such as grade point average, required subjects or test scores to screen applications. Applications for admission to an impacted program must be filed during the first month of the filing period. To be considered in impacted programs at two or more campuses, applications must be filed to each. Information about screening criteria is available in the Counseling Office. 
What Is Certification? 
Courses taken at the community college may be used to satisfy general education requirements for graduation from CSU schools. However, such courses must be specifically identified and verified by the community college before they will be recognized by the CSU campus. This process is called certification. Students who complete all of the requirements in Areas A through E of the CSU General Education Certification Pattern are considered to be fully certified by the community college. It should be pointed out that in addition to the community college coursework at least three more general education courses must be completed in the junior/senior years at the CSU campus. 
CSU certification must be requested by students when the request for sending their final transcript to the CSU campus is made.