SPRING 2017 
Orientation, Auditions, and Placement Exams for all Music Majors
Thursday, February 2nd from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
PICO HALL BUILDING at the College of the Canyons, Valencia Campus
or contact Professor Julie Lawson at

Symphony of the Canyons
Performers participating in these ensembles will enjoy playing a wealth of classical and romantic music as well as the most recent in contemporary literature.  Music lovers from the community are encouraged to join and support growth of the college's orchestras.
Jazz Ensemble
By becoming a member of this exciting group, performers get an insight into the Jazz Band tradition as well as diverse contemporary popular currents. Various jazz programs concentrate on organization and participation principles essential in making successful "combo" groups.
Music Ensembles
These classes allow students to participate in small ensembles.  This allows students to fine tune their skills, acquaint themselves with specific instrumental literature, and work within one of the most demanding settings possible for musicians.

Voices of the Canyons, Chamber Singers, House Blend and Just Jazz
Through these ensembles, the student learns relevant issues concerning performance, practice, and rehearsal techniques.  All four groups refine individual selections to high standards and represent the college throughout the community.
Voice Development/
Studio Singing

These classes emphasize the learning of vocal skills while expanding the singer's classical and pop repertoires. Studio singing exposes the singer to the required skills of professional studio singers.


Applied Music
This is a special program designed just  for music majors.  It will help prepare students for auditions and transfer to other four-year music programs.  One-on-one lessons are set up through individual auditions with the program coordinator.  Course objectives, recital dates, and juries are discussed after admittance to the program.

Studies in Music Composition
These are the courses where students come to refine their own musical ideas.  Participants have access to the computer-based MIDI laboratory and have the opportunity to have their works performed by the college-based music groups.
Music Technology
We have seen the pervasive, almost exclusive use of computers in the recording and production of music in the last few years. Our Music Technology classes prepare students with no prior knowledge in computer generated music to use the computer to compose and produce their own compositions for use on the web, CD, and video. Check out the student compositions by clicking on the link above.