BIOSCI 221 Introduction to Microbiology

Welcome Summer 2014 Students!

We will be using Prescott's Microbiology 9th edition and the accompanying McGraw-Hill Connect website. Connect is mandatory, even though it is not listed on the bookstore’s website.  Be aware that Connect is sometimes bundled with the text and is significantly cheaper and, if not, must be purchased separately, for example if you buy a used book or rent a book, and I believe that it is now $65.   Be sure and check the McGraw-Hill website as they offer special deals.  The following is a link to my Summer 2014 Connect site. You may be getting the best price by following this link and clicking on the registration information and getting the Connect Plus – it is the Connect site plus the ebook for 365 days for $85. I have been told that you can also opt to purchase a loose leaf copy of the book for $40.   At the very least you can get a 3 week FREE trial which gives you access to the ebook also


Please see the syllabus for additional materials to be purchased – these include: safety goggles/glasses, microscope slides (1-2 boxes – cheap on Amazon.com), latex/latex free gloves, quad-ruled composition book, 2 blue books, 5 scantrons and a lab coat (used lab coats can be rented for $7 in the lab).

If you are looking for a head start you can read Chapter 1.  We do not lecture on Chapter 1 so you can use the Chapter 1 PowerPoint as a guide for the information you will be responsible for as well as complete the Chapter 1 practice questions on Connect.

The lab book is the Leboffe & Pierce  Microbiology: Laboratory Theory and Application 3rd edition.  Used copies are acceptable as we do not use the data sheets but write directly in our own lab notebooks.  Please read all the laboratory safety information in the beginning of the book and refer to the lab schedule for additional required readings.  It will be a requirement to read all labs ahead of time. There is also a Lab Safety video in the Extra Credit section of the Connect site that will help you be prepared as well as help you accrue some extra credit hours.



Tuesday/Thursday - 9:40pm - 10pm ALISO Lab 217 and 4:30pm - 5:00pm Aliso Hall 101.

Wednesday I will be available by email or phone from 10 to 11 am.

Otherwise I am available for scheduled appointments if needed, and almost always available by text or phone. PLEASE feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.